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Were you too busy this week to keep up with everything that happened in TV news? Give Me My Remote‘s got you covered! We’re catching you up on anything exciting you might have missed here at GMMR!

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DALLAS: Patrick Duffy Teases What Bobby is Up to in Season 3

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Dallas, Dallas, Texas

DALLAS is back tonight, and things are as crazy as ever for America’s most dysfunctional family: while the Ewings might think they’re in the clear after framing Cliff for J.R.’s “murder” — and therefore free to resume bickering with each other — a new foe pops up…and s/he has some help.

Patrick Duffy (who has been playing Bobby Ewing off/on for more than 35 years) sat down with reporters last week on the show’s Dallas set, and teased what Bobby will be up to this season, if there might ever be peace with John Ross, tension between Bobby/Ann, and more…

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