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SCORPION Season 2 Premiere: ‘Satellite of Love’ You Ask, I Answer

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Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

SCORPION’s second season kicks off on Monday, September 21st, and though on-screen the team has been fractured — with Cabe tasked with other work, and Walter recovering from his post-accident injuries — off-screen, the writers/producers have found their groove.

“Season 1 is always about the show finding its rhythm on a production level, how the cast will function together, how the characters will function,” SCORPION executive producer Alex Kurtzman acknowledged. “Season 1 was about a group of misfits that had been openly rejected by most of their own families, and came together to form their own surrogate family. So now they’ve become a family.”

But where does that family go next? I had the chance to screen the (very fun) season premiere, “Satellite of Love” and have a few teases…

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SCORPION: Kevin Weisman Joins Season 2

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Kevin Weisman (ALIAS, HELLO LADIES) has landed a recurring role on SCORPION.

“We are so excited to have Kevin join SCORPION this season,” SCORPION executive producer Nick Santora said in a statement. “As Ray, Walter’s new buddy from community service, Kevin is going to bring a completely different viewpoint to Walter’s life – he’s not a genius – in fact he probably has below average intelligence. He’s odd and a bit ‘off’ but for some reason, Walter learns to like the guy and we get to see Walter O’Brien make a non-genius friend outside of Scorpion. But Ray’s unique approach to life is something Walter and the gang have to adjust to, and that won’t always be that easy to do.”

The role is a reunion of sorts for Weisman and SCORPION producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci — the trio worked together from 2001-2004 on ALIAS.

Weisman broke his casting by posting an on-set photo on Instagram.

Weisman isn’t the only new face joining SCORPION’s upcoming second season: Alana De La Garza was previously announced in the recurring role of the new head of Homeland Security, and rockstar Gene Simmons will guest star in the season premiere.

SCORPION returns Monday, September 21st at 9 PM.


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SCORPION: Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel Preview Paige and Walter’s Relationship in Season 2

July 24, 2015 by  
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Credit: Francis Specker/CBS

Credit: Francis Specker/CBS

SCORPION’s Walter and Paige will be taking some big steps in the show’s sophomore season.

“I think that the one thing we’re trying to acknowledge [is] we had a lot of tease last year [with that Walter/Paige relationship], and what we’d like to do is acknowledge the gorilla in the room and then see how it complicates their lives,” SCORPION producer Nicholas Wootton shared earlier this summer. “I think to say they were going to have a perfect, loving relationship that is going to last [starting immediately], that’s not going to happen. I think given his level of emotional maturity, even the concept of admitting, ‘I even like you’ is a long jump for him. But I think we both know how they feel, let’s admit how they feel, and see how it reverberates though the team.”

And based on what SCORPION stars Katharine McPhee (Paige) and Elyes Gabel (Walter) shared at Comic-Con, fans won’t have to wait long to see progress.

“I think you can expect Paige and Walter to have…a conversation about [their relationship],” McPhee said in the video below. “I think people will be surprised by the first episode. When I was reading the first episode,  I was surprised.”

“Something nice happens in the episode,” Gabel added.

Check out the video for more from Gabel and McPhee…

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