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BREAKING NEWS: Wallace Fennel Finally Gets a Set

October 27, 2005 by  

After a year of being nothing more than Veronica’s doormat, Wallace finally put Nancy Drew in her place. Congrats Wallace – you are now a man. As much as I adore our favorite blond SuperSleuth, Veronica does have a tendency to take the people in her life for granted – and no one more so than her BFF Wallace. It was nice to see him stand up for himself and ask Veronica for her help for once. I have actually been waiting for this scene since about midway through last season, and man, did Percy Diggs III deliver. He has joined Enrico & Jason as the only cast members that can hold their own in a scene with Kristen Bell.

Ok, Wallace, now that you have said your peace, pick up your phone and call ‘Roni back…b/c at the end of the day, she had your back. And how. No one will ever accuse Veronica Mars of being passive aggressive. That girl is feisty. The way she went flying across the dance floor and into Jackie’s face was classic. But was that really about Veronica defending Wallace’s honor?…or perhaps, just maybe, it had something to do with the fact that Jackie was draped all over one Logan Echolls. Hmmmm…. And was there some truth to Jackie’s accusation that Veronica needed attention from all the boys? Including Wallace? I never saw any sexual tension between Wallace and Veronica before, but that last shot of the two of them did make me think.

It was nice to see Ducan & Logan have a little male-bonding, but c’mon these two should spend less time playing video games and more time in therapy. Let’s take a look back at just some of the highlights of the last year of Duncan & Logan’s life, shall we?
* Duncan’s sister, who happens to be Logan’s girlfriend, is murdered
* Duncan’s parents think he killed his sister and frame an innocent man for the crime
* Duncan sleeps with Veronica, a girl who, at the time, he believes to be his sister
* Logan’s mother commits suicide
* Duncan’s ex-girlfriend starts dating his best friend, Logan
* Logan’s girlfriend accuses him of murder and then dumps his ass
* Logan’s finds out that his father was sleeping with his ex-girlfriend before he murdered her in cold blood
* Logan’s father also tries to kill his current girlfriend and her father
* Logan is accused of murder himself
* Duncan’s other ex-girlfriend is the sole survivor of a bus crash which kills a bunch of Logan & Duncan’s classmates
* Logan & Duncan both become emancipated minors…living on their own, at 18, with money to burn!!

So with all of this and more happening over the course of 12 months, these two kids aren’t even subjected to their High School Guidance Counselor, none the less Dr. Phil.

Finally, with all her “street smarts”, you would think that Veronica would know that it’s probably not in her best interest to place a bug (in the shape of a bug) in the Sheriff’s office. Come on V…Clarence Wiedman so called you on that shit last year. Learn your lesson…find a new approach…you’re going to get you ass thrown in jail. And unless you bunk with Michael Schoffield at the Fox Run State Penitentiary, I hear prison is no fun…especially for cute little blond like yourself.

What we’ve learned from tonight’s “Veronica Mars”
> Wallace & his mama have some issues to work through
> Veronica isn’t comfortable with her breasts
> Jackie is an evil bitch who has a lazy eye
> Lily is pissed at Veronica for smackin’ it with Logan
> It’s impossible for Kristen Bell to look anything but fantastic
> Veronica isn’t over Logan, and is willing to throw down for him
> Percey Daggs III has some mad acting skillz…and a smooth voice

Overall, a damn good episode. Check out the recaplet at Television Without Pity.

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3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Wallace Fennel Finally Gets a Set”

  1. fatback on October 28th, 2005 4:02 pm

    nice recap. U R teh hawtness , remote person. Ur site rulez.
    Seriously, I will come here for all my recaps from now on!

  2. Anonymous on October 28th, 2005 5:12 pm

    Thanks for being so supportive… 🙂 ha

  3. Anonymous on October 30th, 2005 4:16 pm

    Yay I’m loving the VM support! Everything was perfect and awesome, but do you really thinkg it was actually Lilly that said “You should have stayed away from my boyfriend” or just part of the punk by Jackie? There’s also speculation that if it was Lilly she didn’t mean Logan, but instead Aaron.

    The way you state it in your recap makes it seem like Lilly truly doesn’t want Veronica to be with Logan, which would dishearted LoVe shippers as well as confuse new viewers.

    Other than that your entries have been fabulous. You’re on my “Favorites” links now.