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Lost Withdrawal

October 27, 2005 by  

So after a long and especially painful day at work yesterday, I came home, cooked a wonderful meal, poured myself a stiff drink, and settled in for a good night of TV. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that Lost was a repeat. Damn you ABC!!!! Seems that we won’t actually have a new ep until November 16th….ugh!!! Fret not Losties, you can still get your fix of the castaways. Check out some of the cast’s more memorable roles.

Jack (Matthew Fox): Party of Five – When his parents are tragically killed in a car accident, Charlie Salinger (Fox) takes on responsibility of his 4 younger siblings – oh the drama.

Locke (Terry O’Quinn): The Cutting Edge – At least once a month I come across this movie while flipping through the channels. And no matter how hard I try I am physically incapable of turning it off. Check out Locke as Kate’s overbearing father. Toe pick.
Charlie (Dominic Monaghan): Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Once a hobbit, always a hobbit. If this boy can survive the evil Saruman, you think he could handle the island “monster”. Guys. Where are we?

Michael (Harold Perrineau Jr.): Romeo & Juliet – “A plague on both your houses!”. Well Lost is in Season 2 and I still have to be reminded of this character’s name. To me, he is and always will be, Mercutio. Young hearts…run free…never be hung up…hung up like my man and me.

Hurley (Jorge Garcia): I Love the 80’s 3D – I Love the 80’s is back bitches, and this time Hurley has something to say. He’s schedule to appear on November 4th, 8th, 15th, 16th….uh oh.

The rest ot the cast have been in a bunch of shows/movies too, but since I haven’t seen them, I can’t recommend with good faith. Check them out for yourself: Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Rose, Walt, Vincent, Claire, Shannon, Boone (RIP), Jin, Sun, Ana Lucia, Rosseau.

I know there are probably other good roles that I missed. That’s what the “comments” are for people.

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