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Prison Break on Hiatus? WTF???

October 31, 2005 by  

Enjoy Prison Break while it lasts people. My new favorite show is finishing up the first of its 13 episodes on November 28th, and then…get this….it doesn’t come back until May?! WTF? So much for my earlier post with praised Fox Mondays. Damn you!!! Fox is f-ing with my schedule because Kiefer and the kids are ready to return to CTU. SPOILER ALERT – Kiefer and his merry men are going to save the world in 24 hours!!

There is a little good news. Fox is going to air all 22 eps, so it seems that we will see Michael and the boys over the summer too. But I almost don’t care. I hate this trend of mid-season hiatus. It’s happening WAY to much. ABC just announced that Alias is being replaced for 8 weeks with Dancing with the Stars. The SpyFamily will be back after the birth of Garfleck, but I don’t want to wait that long (and yes, I’m stamping my feet and pouting). Last year I had to wait months to see Ephram’s reaction to his baby-mama drama on Everwood. And although I care much, much less, One Tree Hill took a similar break last year.

A word to the networks…You better we don’t pull a Ross & Rachel on you and find something better while we are on a “break”.


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