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Will & Vaughn – For Your Viewing Pleasure

October 31, 2005 by  

The following post contains spoilers for Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential” – read at your own risk.

Praise Jesus! Fox has released promotional pics from Michael Vartan’s upcoming appearance on Kitchen Confidential. For me, the next best thing to a 3-way with Bradley Cooper & Michael Vartan, is seeing those two men reunited on the small screen. I wish I had better appreciated the Vaughn-Will scenes during the first few seasons of Alias. Thank goodness I can pop in the DVDs whenever I want…oh wait, someone borrowed them months ago, right! (kidding, I’m not in any rush to get them back)

Although I personally like my Vartan with a little less scruff, I’ll take him wherever I can get him. Enjoy the pics. And don’t forget to watch Michael Vartan on Kitchen Confidential on Fox, November 14th.

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