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The West Wing – LIVE RIGHT NOW

November 6, 2005 by  

Why am I nervous for tonight’s ep? And please god, let someone screw up so I can laugh hysterically? Anyone else watching this right now? If you are, feel free to IM me @ givememyremote

8:04pm: Vinick (Alan Alda) started his speech and immediately paused. I thought he forgot his first line…but, it was planned. DAMN!!

8:06pm: Intro…this is already awkward!!!! And I’m thinking that tonight’s episode isn’t going have a lot of Josh & Donna, so why the hell am I watching? Ellen, I adore you, but PLEASE keep yourself in check and watch your exposure. You are everywhere lately.

8:12pm: I’m glad real debates aren’t like this. They keep talking over eachother.

8:14pm: Jimmy Smits keeps falling all over his words. He! And I think he’s about to laugh. I’m kinda waiting for someone in the crowd to give a shout out. I wouldn’t be able to resist it if I were there. Shout out to Skip!!

8:18pm: GH435 wants to know if the audience is told when to clap? I have to think that they are. They can’t be following along with all these talking points, can they?

8:20pm: Head Start doesn’t work. Ohhhhhhhhh. No he didn’t.

8:21pm: “You’re a liar”. Ok, this could be one of the WORST West Wing’s ever. That was so damn cheesy.

8:23pm: Santos is staking his presidency on improving public education. I’m staking my life on him winning this election.

8:24pm: STOP INTERRUPTING EACHOTHER! He he he…Jimmy Smits just screwed up!!

8:26pm: Oh no, they are moving out from behind the podium? Good thiing for Jimmy Smits, b/c he was starting to lose it. He’s got that George W. Bush perma-smile on. Anyone else getting nauseous with the video camera work?

8:30pm: tvgirrrl just asked how good/bad Alan Alda looks in HDTV. Anyone watching this in HDTV?

8:31pm: lgilmore says that he looks as bad as we all think he would.

8:36pm: La la la la, commercial break. Nothing too amusing has happened so far. I can’t even understand what’s going on. Umm, a plane crash on ER? Yeah, it’s called “Lost”…watch it.

8:37pm: Weeeee’re back. I hope Jimmy Smits doesn’t call Forrest Sawyer Peter Jennings by mistake. AWKWARD! I love that Forrest Sawyer keeps looking back at the audience everytime make those cheesy noises.

8:40pm: I just noticed that Santos is wearing a blue tie, and Vinick a red. Blue State/Red State…interesting.

8:44pm: If anyone sees a positive review of this episode, please send it to me ASAP. Shout out to the Grand Canyon. Remember when Alice took a donkey down the Grand Canyon on The Brady Bunch.


8:48pm: This is only a one hour show, right?

8:50pm: Final question…YES!!!! Any chance Josh & Donna could get some flirting in tonight? Audience participation sucks.

8:51pm: Pledge-gate. Point for Santos. Wait, how did they NOT talk about abortion? Interesting. Why aren’t they cutting to Josh? What does it take to live in San Antonio for 45 years? What? And you are done Jimmy Smits. Damn you…I thought you would screw up for sure.

8:55: Vinick’s up. Freedom…freedom…Alan Alda definitely came off smoother tonight. Uh oh, it takes experience and mature judgment to be the President? Alda- out!

8:56: Done and done!

Conclusion…this was completely BORING. Nothing fell. No one flubbed their lines. I had $20 riding on Jimmy Smits calling Vinick “Alan”, at least once. I wonder how different the West Coast version will be. If you’re on the West Coast…let me know.

What did you think of tonight’s West Wing?

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3 Responses to “The West Wing – LIVE RIGHT NOW”

  1. Anonymous on November 7th, 2005 2:31 pm

    I think you should stop ripping off EW’s Pop Watch…..

  2. Give Me My Remote on November 7th, 2005 2:37 pm

    Um, yeah, I posted mine last night. EW didn’t post their’s until this morning. Might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself!!

    And live blogging has been around for a while, but you must not site at the cool kids table.

    Much love…i mean no harm, just caught me at a bad time.

  3. Steph on November 7th, 2005 2:46 pm

    Hey anonymous – guess you weren’t here during the live chat last night. Don’t worry remote, we know you were ripping anyone off.