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Prison Break & Grey’s Anatomy – Stay Where You Are

November 14, 2005 by  

Can someone please explain to me why networks insist on screwing with my TV schedule? First I have to wait patiently as Fox decides what to do with Prison Break. Are they going to torture me by moving it to Wednesday night against Lost and Veronica Mars? They can’t do that…my DVR can only tape 2 shows at a time. Just leave Prison Break where it is…find a new time and place for 24. That show already has a huge fan following, and they won’t really care what night it’s on – they’ll watch.

Now comes the rumor that ABC might be messing with my perfect Sunday evening by moving Grey’s Anatomy!!! Don’t these people understand that I HATE my job, and watching Grey’s on Sunday is the only thing that prepares me for the week ahead. Seriously, seriously don’t move Grey’s or I might just stop watching all together (shhh, no I won’t but don’t tell them).

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