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When Too Much Just Isn’t Enough

January 12, 2006 by  

Between the late hours at the office, and some extraciricular activities, I haven’t been home much lately. This of course means I have been WAY behind on my TV watching. Well let me just say that I MORE than made up for it last night. Just to be one with all you other TV addicts, I feel the need to tell you what I watched from the time I got home last night, until I shut off the TV sometime early this morning. My eyes are still bleeding.

Daytime TV
2 episodes of Ellen Degeneres
1.5 episodes of The Creek
1 episodes of Oprah

2 episodes of Scrubs
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (kinda – I watched the intro, met the family & fast forward to the reveal)
The West Wing
The Grey’s Anatomy recap thing they played last Sunday
Project Runway
Gilmore Girls
The Daily Show
Lost (I skipped the pre-show recap)
Jay Leno (how funny was Steve Carrell last night?)

Ok…this was all in ONE night people!! I have a serious problem and I need some help. And the worst part? I still have shows on TiVo that I have yet to see?

And on the agenda for this evening…
My Name is Earl
The Office
The OC
Beauty & The Geek
The Tony Danza Show (Jenna Fischer from The Office is on…her first talk show interview)

P.S. Sorry I have been updating that often. I’m kind of slammed at work. Heading out with my girls tonight, but I promise to be back on track very soon. Thanks for the support. Talk to you in the forums.

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