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The Surreal Life…To Say The Least

February 15, 2006 by  

The bizarre yet strangely addictive (especially on rainy Saturday afternoons) VH1 show, The Surreal Life, is coming back with a whole new bunch of D-Listers…make that E-Listers (I would never want to disrespect Kathy Griffin by putting these people on the D list). To be honest, I forgot that most of these people ever existed, but yet I am supposed to care enough to watch them living together in a house?! Gotta love TV!

Mixing it up Surreal style will be…

Tawny Kitaen – Best known for being a hood ornament in a Whitesnake video and beating the sh*t out of her husband, MLB pitcher Chuck Finely. Tawny still thinks she’s all that, which is actually pretty funny.

Sherman Hemsley – Moving in on up, to the surreal house? Yup, the star of The Jefferson’s will be mixing it up with these young cats. Too bad Weezie is dead, I would have liked to see her in there too.

Steve Harwell – Steve who? He’s the lead singer of Smashmouth. The band that for some odd reason talk shows still book.

C.C. Deville – “Look what the cat dragged in”. Poison’s flamboyant guitarist will be “tearin down the walls” along with his new housemates.

Alexis Arquette – A member of the famous Arquette family, Alexis is best known for tearing it up as Boy George in The Wedding Singer. In real life, Alexis is contemplating undergoing a full operation to make her a full woman. This may be a whole other reality show.

Andrea Lowell – Playboy TV “correspondent” and playmate. C’mon VH1 needs to get guys to watch, and something tells me that Tawny Kitaen ain’t going to get them there.

Joining the housemates will be “special guest star” Florence Henderson, who will serve as the first ever Surreal Life on-call therapist/advisor. Oh my. Mrs. Brady, I thought you hit rock bottom with the Wesson ads. This is so beneath you.

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