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The White House Bans 24 Spoilers

February 21, 2006 by  

The White House has issued a rule asking that no West Wingers talk about the latest episode of 24 until the new one airs. Seems that the staff, including Chief of Staff Andy Card, has been so busy lately that they often have to TiVo 24 and might need a full week before they get to watch the show.

I can’t imagine why people in the White House would want to watch 24 as entertainment. Don’t they live this stuff? I would think they would be bothered by some of the unrealistic settings and scenarios.

It’s like my fabulous Dr. friend who once mentioned that he was irked by the inaccuracies of Grey’s Anatomy. Or my super secret spy friend who just can’t seem to watch Alias, because he’s an international spy and some of that stuff is just made up. You know?! If you see that stuff everyday, how can it still be entertainment? Then again, I guess White House staffers aren’t dodging bullets and debunking nuclear bombs on a daily basis….or are they? My friend, the spy, says I should stop writing now.


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