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Grey’s Anatomy Comes Clean About Meredith & George

February 22, 2006 by  

Krista Vernoff has some ‘splain to do. Krista is the Grey’s Anatomy writer responsible for the late night shirt-offing between Meredith and George on this week’s show. Whether you are pro MerGe (ha) or not, you had to be shocked at the events that unfolded. The buzz is not all good, as some people are desperately trying to find a way to like Meredith, and her potentially breaking our poor Georgie’s heart just isn’t endearing her to us.

The writer’s of Grey’s Anatomy have thier own forum for reaching the fans, and it’s called Grey Matter. It’s bascially a blog where show creator Shonda Rhimes and her staff of writers can blog about the show.

This week Krista explains how after must protest, she finally came around to the idea of Meredith and George’s affair. Below is a few of the highlights, but make sure you check out Grey Matter for all the details.

I think that for 20 years, Meredith has, somewhere in the deepest part of her psyche, held on to the fantasy that her dad is out there, just waiting to love her. I think she thinks that when she finally makes the effort to know him, he will open his arms, and open his heart and apologize for leaving and just love her like crazy. The news of Ellis’ affair was the opportunity Meredith had needed to finally forgive him enough to approach him. She gathered what had to be a HUGE amount of courage to knock on his door…And then the fantasy died.

And then she went to a bar and drank.

And then Mark made her hope again, if only briefly, that she could have the man she loves back.

And then she went home and stared out her window in a state that I can only imagine was tremendous pain and loss and grief.

And then George came in. And poor George DID NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS. He was not there to take advantage of her when she was in a vulnerable state. All he knew was that he had spent the entire day working up his courage to finally, finally make her hear him.
And, unwittingly, he said the world’s most perfect things.

He said he would never leave her (like her father did). He said he would never hurt her (like Derek did). He said he would never stop loving her.

And he was safe and familiar and so incredibly kind. And she wanted that kindness in her life very badly. She wanted to be a healthy woman who would choose the nice guy who loved her and stop chasing the sexy, unavailable guys who didn’t (or couldn’t).

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