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Prison Breaks Goes Lost on Us Tonight

April 3, 2006 by  

Prison Break Cast

On tonight’s Prison Break, we are going to find out what the main characters were up to before the plane crashed and they were deserted on the island they landed themselves in Fox River.  To date all we’ve had were snippets of each character’s background, but I think tonight’s backstories are really going to give us more insight into each one of the inmates.

So is Charles Westmoreland really DB Cooper?  How did Lincoln getmixed-up with the Vice President’s death?  What lead Sara to Fox River (perhaps she was going to end up their – medical degree or not…hmmm)? Hopefully we’ll get these answers tonight.

One backstory I’m not looking forward to?  Um, T-Bag.  Yeah, seeing that his story involved raping small children, I’m not too keen on catching up on his life.  But I think that perhaps T-Bag is the one we might gain the greatest insight to. 

Oh, and any scene that involves Michael in everyday clothes is fine by me.

Chat about tonight’s epsiode of Prison Break in the GMMR Forums.  I’m planning on recapping the epsiode, but I want YOU to help me figure out the best quote of the night.  So email me after the show with your favorite line…hell, feel free to email me during the show and we can watch it together.

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