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Remote Patroling…

April 21, 2006 by  

Logan Echolls  Logan Bo Bice Libby from Lost Rob Lowe/Sam Seaborn
Why do our favorite good girls fall for the Logan’s of this world? Click here

Ace Young says his K-Fed look wasn’t the reason he was outsted from American Idol. Click here

Is Bo Bice becoming a diva?  Why is he fighting in public? (Glitterati)

Is your favorite show on the brink of cancellation?  Then you better check out the SOS (Save Our Show) campaign being conducted by E! Online.  Um, I’m talking to you Everwood, Veronica Mars, and The Loop fans! (Random Acts of Television)

Hmmm. Looks like Lost’s Libby is getting off the island.   (Zap2It)

Sam Seaborn is back, and damn, he still looks good. (TV Guide)

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