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West Wing Please Don’t Leave Me

April 23, 2006 by  

Cast of The West Wing

It’s completely unfair that after steadily going down hill for the past few seasons, The West Wing chooses now to get back to its A-game.  This season may have started off a bit a slow and uneven, but the later half of the season, with election and subsequent transition from the Bartlett adminstration to the Santos team, it’s The West Wing Season One all over again.

Rob LoweAnd tonight Sam Seaborn came back.  If you remember, when The West Wing began it was a vehicle for Rob Lowe to get back in the good graces of the public after a certain sex scandal and a number of bad Lifetime-esque movies pushed back hit pretty boy status.  Rob’s return as lawyer turned-Deputy Communications Director-turned Congressman-turned back to corporate lawyer was seamless and welcoming.  It was nice to see the power couple of Josh and Sam back together again.  From the first second he was on the screen, it was like Lowe has never left.  And kudos to the writing staff for giving us that season one throw back scene of Josh tracking down Sam to join the campaign.  I almost got choked up…almost.

Josh & Donna The West WingAnd finally Josh and Donna.  After waiting 7 seasons for these two to be in the right place, at the right time emotionally, it’s nice to see that the powers that be aren’t going to screw with us with the whole will they-won’t they scenario.  Josh is finally able to see Donna as his equal rather than his employee, and has managed to fall head over heels for her in the process.  Donna has finally taken control over her life and the situations she finds herself in, and things are most certaintly going her way.

With Sam back as Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh in Leo’s old role as Chief of Staff, and Donna as the First Lady’s Chief of Staff, I’m personally so bummed that the show is ending.  It’s going out on that much cliched high note, but it doesn’t have to.  With 500 Law & Orders, and 200 CSIs, it’s nice to see an original, smart and still unique drama still in the game.  I wish the show was coming back for at least one more season.  And in light of next week’s scenes, it seems that Santos is going to ask Vinick, his Republican opponent in the Presidential race to serve as his Vice President.  At least the people behind The West Wing aren’t afraid to put there agenda out there while the show is still alive and kicking.  I love it!!!

The West Wing is back….too bad it’s also nearly gone.

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