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American Idol Recap – Katharine McPhee’s Boobs & Her Wardrobe Malfunction

April 25, 2006 by  

So I’m a few mintues behind, but I’m going to give the play-by-play on this one tonight. The Idol kids are working with muscial geniuses Andrea Bocelli and David Foster tonight. They are going to be tackling the world’s greatest love songs. I’m a little worried about my boys Chris and Taylor tonight.

Katherine McPheeKatharine McPhee and her boobs was first up tonight singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”. The girl has a killer voice, but I just haven’t seen a performance that she nailed so far. She shouldn’t try to sing the big numbers. Her voice is so much more suited for smaller, yet challenging songs. This song started off a bit warbly, and Katherine McPhee Yellow Dresshad it’s fantastic moments, but overall I think it wasn’t her moment. The judges kind of ripped her apart more than I expected. Hmm, and I thought she was groomed to win this whole thing. But the girl looked fab in a yellow dress. There wasn’t one woman watching tonight that didn’t notice how fab Katharine’s boobs looked tonight. Sorry for being crass, but give credit where credit is due. Oh and did you catch Katharine’s wardrobe malfunction at the end? A very important button popped near the end of the song, and when she took a step forward, I’m pretty sure the judges got a look at her hanes. Hope she was wearing them tonight. The very astute camera man quickly zoomed in on her face, and away from the “problem area”. My boy over at Fatback and Collards managed to grab a screenshot of the wardrobe malfunction.

Elliott YaminElliott Yamin is performing one of the most perfect songs ever recorded, “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway. Much like Katherine, Elliott’s voice is beautiful, but he just has never bowled me over from a performance perspective. That being said, from a pure musicallity standpoint, this was an amazing performance. I had chills throughout. The ending could have used a little to help. It was a little flat and a bit lackluster, but there is no denying this kid has “it”. Oh god, Paula is crying again…Simon is laughing at her…God I love Simon Cowell. Someone give Paula her meds. Simon loved it. Elliott, if hick girl Kellie Pickles screws up tonight, you might just be around next week. You are getting my vote this week. Well, at least one of them. To vote for Elliott, dial 1-866-IDOLS-02 or 1-866-IDOLS-08.

Kellie Pickler is so amazingly STUPID. God she is so annoying. If this isn’t an act, then how does she get through the day being that dumb. Oh David is going to have her a high note to sing…I got money on her ruining the song with that note. Her first three notes and she is already flat. There is no way this twit can stay. Simon is already staring at the other judges in horror. By the way, if you ever are having trouble sleeping, just pop in this performance and it shoudl do the trick. As predicted, that high note was horrendous. Ah, she knows it sucks. It’s all over her face. The judges aren’t loving it, and it’s so time for her to go.

Paris BennettParis Bennett is taking on Babs tonight. “The Way We Were” is so hard to nail, but I’m pulling for Paris tonight. I think our girl has been struggling the past few weeks. She looks adorable (sorry to go all Paula on you). The girl has probably the best stage performance of the whole group. But I am so stuck on this nasal thing she has going on. Someone has to tell Paris that she can’t raise both arms on the big notes if she can’t nail them. I hate to use a cliched judges comment, but this song is too big for her stylistic voice. Bummer dude.

Taylor HicksTaylor Hicks is going to be performing “Just Once”. God I love this song, but I’m so nervous for Taylor. I think her picked a great song for his voice and style. Damn, Andrea just heard me and said the same thing about the song and Taylor’s voice. The song starts a little rough, and a bit warbly – a bit uncharacteristic for Taylor. I am getting the sense that Taylor is a bit uncomfortable up there tonight. But god damn, when he has the chance to make it his own near the end, he’s awesome. I don’t think the judges are going to love it. And they don’t. Dude I still love you, and since you didn’t ahve your best week, I’m giving you my pity vote tonight, because you have to be back next week. To vote for Taylor, dial 1-866-IDOLS-05 or 1-866-IDOLS-11.

Chris DaughtryChris Daughtry is taking on Bryan Adams’ hit “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”. We need a strong performance from my boy tonight. If he sings it half as well as he did laying on the floor, it’s going to kick ass. He looks hot. I mean really hot!! Wow, I think David’s advice really made a difference. His voice is sweeter than we have ever heard it. Yay, he’s doing great!!! I think he’s going to be second to Elliott tonight for the best vocal tonight. Why am I tearing up right now? Oh, because I’m crazy. AMAZING!! One of my favorite Chris performances ever. Ha…I knew he was going to good all along. To vote for Chris dial 1-866-IDOLS-06 or 1-866-IDOLS-12.

Bottom Three Predictions
I think this week’s bottom three will be: Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler and Paris Bennett. And if America has any sense, it will be Kellie Pickler going home!!!


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