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GMMR’s Blog Spotlight: Silly Pipe Dream

April 29, 2006 by  

Give Me My RemoteWritten by a young, recently signed TV writer, Silly Pipe Dreams is a love story between a man and his TV. Nah, it’s just a really cool site with a little look behind the scenes into the crazy, wacky world of television. I’m a big fan because he’s living the dream. This guy is just weeks away from leaving his “shitty-paying industry job” to take on a new role writing for, maybe, one of our favorite shows (everything is on the DL right now). Hopefully he will find time to continue his blog once his TV writing gig starts, because I think it would be an incredible view behind the scenes for TV addicts like us.

A few things worth taking note of over at Silly Pipe Dreams

  • Oh, and if heard a song you liked playing in the background of one of your favorite shows, then check out the Musical Monday posts to see the song name and a short clip.

I think you guys should really check out this blog, and keep an eye out for this guy. He could be the next Judd Apatow, Bill Lawrence, Rob Thomas, or JJ Abrams.

Do you have a new blog you want Give Me My Remote to check out? Drop me a line.

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