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Kellie Pickler’s Daddy Released from Prison

May 1, 2006 by  

 Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler is taking the good with the bad these days. Although she was recently booted from American Idol, Kellie has received some good news on the family front. Kellie’s Dad, Clyde Pickler, will be released this Monday from Florida State Prison after serving a three year sentence for stabbing a neighbor in his trailer park. And no, I’m not joking.

Kellie’s daddy woes have been well documented from day one of her Idol stint. The producers tried to play up Kellie’s family drama as much as they possibly could. I was actually shocked that they didn’t do a live feed from her daddy’s jail cell during the week the contestants got messages from home.

Kellie talked openly with the press last week about her family woes:

“I got a lot of criticism for crying about my dad and my mom and family in the beginning, but it was really hard for me” said Kellie. “It’s not like I was used to getting on national television and talking about my life. It was embarrassing and I didn’t want to hurt my dad, but I knew if I didn’t come out in the beginning … that people would find out about it anyway. The most important thing you can do is be honest. And I’m not ashamed about my life anymore.”

Kellie has been working the talk show circuit since her booting. We’ll see her again, probably near the very end of the season, when the ex-Idol’s come back to promote their upcoming live tour which will kick off this summer.

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    That truly is good news. More Power to Kellie!:-)

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