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Welcome to “The Office” Thursday

May 4, 2006 by  

Jim and Pam from The OfficeIt’s Thursday, so you know what that means…it’s all about “The Office”.  My favorite show is back with a new episode tonight, and from what I hear it’s going to be a doozy.  Yes, a doozy.  Throughout the day, I will be posting more “Office” tidbits, interviews, etc, so make sure you check back here throughout the day for all the latest Office gossip.

First up….its all about Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer’s TV Guide Blog is up.  It gives some pretty good information about tonight’s episode, including this little tidbit.

Finally, for everyone who loves stuff about Jim and Pam, tonight’s episode sets up the finale. We find out that Jim has a secret and it’s not what might you think. I’ve read a lot of rumors about how the show will end this season and all I’ll say is that no one has gotten it right yet.

But if you are a spoiler/spec freak, you might want to check out this post from the GMMR message boards.  It could be a glimpse into what happens with Jim and Pam tonight.  Click here for The Office spoilers for “Conflict Resolution”

Jenna (and Angela) recently participated in The Joseph Podcast.  These guys are having some bandwidth issues right now, so Angela’s podcast isn’t available.  But, Jenna’s is.  Just head over to NorthernAttack.com and check out the 2nd item under “Required Reading”.  Oh, and for you Jammers, you have to listen to Jenna’s take on last week’s (Drug Testing) “Hi…Hey” moment. Sigh.  Shout out to my friend Jennie from OfficeTally.com for asking the great question.


One Response to “Welcome to “The Office” Thursday”

  1. tanster on May 4th, 2006 7:28 am

    Yo GMMR! Shout out right back at ya!

    Yes, I was *thrilled* that it was my question that caused Jenna to swear. 😉

    And Angela’s podcast is actually available at the iTunes Store (must have iTunes Store installed for the link to work).

    Woo-hoo, a new Office tonight and Greg Daniels wrote it! So excited.

    🙂 Jennie