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The Office’s Greg Daniels & BJ Novak Speak

May 11, 2006 by  

NBC's The Office

Ohio State University’s, The Lantern, recently sat down with The Office’s Executive Producer Greg Daniels, and actor/writer BJ Novak. Get to know a little more about the men behind the show. The interview contains a few minor spoilers for tonight’s season finale. Click here for the interview.

My favorite part? How about when Greg Daniels gave a shout out to our campaign?!

Alicia: Well I guess I should ask about the finale, you’re probably not allowed to give away too much, but I heard it’s supersized, which is exciting.

Greg: And that by the way came about because a Chicago newspaper had printed something that I said in an interview about, I was just kind of being a little facetious and saying Jeff Zucker oughta supersize it because I don’t want to have to edit it, and these fans started a website called…

Alicia: Yeah, I signed that petition.

Greg: Oh, did you? Good for you! Yeah, anyway, well they really listened to that. And that’s why we have a supersized office.

The transcripts for the whole article is available on line for your reading enjoyment. Click here. And thanks to Jennie from for the link to the transcripts.

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