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TV Tube Notes: Daughtry, Lost, & Lindsay Lohan’s Crotch

May 24, 2006 by  

Just thought I would pass along some TV news from around the web.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck are in Boston for the summer.  Ben is directing his first film, “Gone, Baby, Gone“, a movie based on the book by Boston’s own Dennis Lehane. Lehane also wrote “Mystic River”.  I’m hoping to bump into Sydney Bristow while they are in town.  But for now, check out these pics of the Affleck family looking lik everyday normal people, except of course for the ‘razi following them around constantly.  Oh, and the pics aren’t labeled, but Ben, Jen & Violet are  leaving “Henrietta’s Table”, a fabulous restaurant at The Charles Hotel.  [Bricks & Stones]

Idol fans….do you remember Rhonetta Johnson, the crazy chick from the American Idol auditions who claimed that she was going to be bigger than Paula Abdul someday?  Well, if you don’t remember exactly who I’m talking about, click here to watch a video of her audition, and relive the horror.  The gorgeous girls of Glitterati Gossip and Idol Chatter recently scored an interview with Rhonette, and it’ damn funny.  I’m pretty sure Rhonetta and Paula have the same dealer. [Glitterati Gossip]

With tonight’s second season finale of Lost just hours away, Scooter McGavin breaks down the odds as he tries to figure out, “Who is Him?”, Uh, Scooter, I think the proper grammer is who is he?  Jeez, bloggers these [Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green]

Michelle Rodriguez can’t seem to keep herself out of a jail cell.  Listen, you’re a bad ass….we get it.  Enjoy your latest prison stay Ana-Lucia.  Oh and I hated you on Lost (GMMR runs away before getting bitch slapped) [DuckyxDale]

One of my favorite people on this planet, Kathy Griffin, has some career advice for Clay Aiken. [Pop Culture Junkies]

I love Dlisted’s Michael K.  Ok, that’s it, that’s all I wanted to say.  Bye.  Ha, well yes I do love Dlisted, but I also love the pics of the former American Idol contestants posted on the site.  Daughtry! Daughtry! Daughtry! [Dlisted]

Mischa Barton is the new Anna Nicole Smith. [Egotastic]

Ok, this one isn’t TV related, and it’s a tad offensive, but too funny not to pass along.  I’m sure at least some of you have heard all the rumblings about Brandon “waste of life” Davis’s drunken tirade against Linsday Lohan recently.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s awesome.  He’s such an ass.  The videos of Brandon have been take from you tube (Boo).  Anyway, Brandon repeatedly referreed to Lindsay’s “firecrotch”.  Well, you don’t get to insult someone’s nether regions without some kind of response.  So head over to BWE and watch/hear what Lindsay’s firecrotch has to say about Brandon Davis. [Best Week Ever]

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6 Responses to “TV Tube Notes: Daughtry, Lost, & Lindsay Lohan’s Crotch”

  1. MrsData on May 24th, 2006 1:33 pm

    Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton are living proof that money can’t buy class. Everything else, I knew because I frequently visit gossip blogs lol

  2. duckyxdale on May 24th, 2006 3:29 pm

    I thought I had firecrotch once but it turned out to just be crabs. Who knew?

  3. Scott on May 24th, 2006 7:23 pm

    Just to clarify something, even though I routinely butcher the English language, in this instance I wasn’t be I’m not using him as a pronoun, instead I’m using it as the proper noun as the name of the elusive leader of The Other. And for the record I’m going with the Jack’s dad faking his death and is behind the whole thing theory.

  4. GMMR on May 24th, 2006 7:25 pm

    Love it Scooter!!! I was just joshin’ about the “Him” I knew what you were going after. Big night tonight. I’m going to have to avoid spoilers until after Idol.

  5. Scott on May 25th, 2006 10:07 pm

    Yes, yes, and I was joshin’ you right back. That’s the problem with this internet thing, it’s really hard to express sarcasm. Granted my friends tell I’m not the best at conveying sarcasm in real life too, but to be honest I think it’s a lot funnier when you leave people guessing if you are joking or not.

  6. GMMR on May 25th, 2006 10:09 pm

    ha ha ha ….well now that i know you were kidding, i’m laughing along with ya 🙂