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Love, Marriage & Babies…on “The Office”

August 9, 2006 by  

Since you all seemed to love the behind the scenes of The Office videos I posted recently, I thought I would add one more. Here’s another excerpt from Kristin Veitch’s visit to the set. In this video Kristin lives out every woman’s fantasy and gets the scoop on a baby for Jim and Pam???

Love, Marriage & Babies...on

(Ok, I don’t want you all to be mad at me…there are NO spoilers within. Well, at least I think they are kidding).


3 Responses to “Love, Marriage & Babies…on “The Office””

  1. Sus on August 9th, 2006 8:08 am

    It may just be my computer or something, but…there’s no sound on that video. All I can hear (even with my volume turned all the way up) is tiny little whisper sounds.


  2. Anne on August 9th, 2006 8:46 pm

    AHHH thank you!!!!
    i wonder if they really kissed?
    hmmm if so i would be quite jealous..haha

  3. CountryCrock on August 10th, 2006 1:44 am

    I swear to God, I heard moaning while the “make out” was being fast forwarded.