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Grey’s Anatomy…S3 Needs to Start STAT!!!

September 7, 2006 by  

Grey's Anatomy Cast

OK, I just finished watching the new Grey’s Anatomy music video by The Fray that aired at the end of tonight’s show, and OMG I can’t wait for Season 3 to start. I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy, and I of course have been anxiously awaiting the return of the show, but tonight I am officially crazy excited. I’ll be scouring the web and try my best to post the video ASAP, but it was fab. At first I thought it was just all scene 2 scenes set to music (you know, very like), but then I realized that the video was peppered with new scenes from Season 3!!! You know Shonda Rhimes wouldn’t let too much get out, but speculation will be rampant after seeing some of the S3 footage.

Justin ChambersThe music video (I thought) gamve some interesting clues at to some outstanding storylines including the overall fate of little Izzie and the MerDerAddyVet love square-angle. It also answered one very important question…is it possible for Alex Karev to be any hotter than he was in S2? The answer my friends is YES!! Yowza!!!

If you didn’t see the video, I’m sorry for gushing, but I’m sure you’ll see it soon enough…and hopefully it will be here on GMMR.

September 21, 2006 might just go down as one of the best night’s in this TV addicts history. The S3 premiere of The Office leading into the S3 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy…yeah, that doesn’t suck!!!

Update: If you did see the music video, can you PLEASE come talk about it with me in the GMMR forums.  I’m dying to hear what you all have to say…WARNING these posts will be spoilerish.

Click here for Grey’s Anatomy/The Fray music video discussion (SPOILERS) 

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5 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy…S3 Needs to Start STAT!!!”

  1. Julie on September 8th, 2006 2:55 am

    You need to go find that video on YouTube and post it…stat! 😉

  2. Becky on September 8th, 2006 1:30 pm

    Damn, that picture of Justin Chambers is like Wentworth 2.0

    I’m loving the hair! Or lack thereof.

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  4. maritza cornejo on February 18th, 2009 4:20 pm

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  5. wow on July 20th, 2009 8:50 am

    plaezzzzzzz what is name of Gray’s Anatomy actor