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Prison Break Recap: Map 1213

September 18, 2006 by  

Prison Break Recap

Title: “Map 1213”
Original Airdate: September 18, 2006

Previously on Prison Break…click here.

Michael and Lincoln are continuing on the never ending road trip from hell. These two would probably kill for XM Satellite Radio, or at the very least an iPod with a good playlist right about now, but they are stuck with the crappy car radio – a radio that informs them that Abruzzi was taken down. They were both a bit surprised that the mob boss was the first to go. But they are focused on moving forward towards Utah to get their hands on Westmoreland’s money. Well Michael is focused. The not-so-focused Lincoln suggests they break LJ out of jail and continue on to Panama. Michaels gets pissed. Lincoln, dude, when are you going to realize that Michael is the brains and you are the beauty. Oh wait, Michael is the brains and the beauty…you are…um, the driver! yeah the driver so just shut up and drive.

Catching up with all the other escaped cons….

Tweener brings a whole new meaning to the term “share-a-ride”. While the others are making their way across the country Tweener is still whispering naked sweet nothings into the ear of his co-passenger, Debra Jean. As they bask in their FFG, there’s a knock at the door. Debra Jean looks out the window to see a cop. Tweener hides in the bathroom, as she opens the door and the cop shoves a pic of Tweener in her face, and asks if she has seen him. Even when she hears that he has escaped from prison, she still claims to not know him. The cop leaves and Tweener emergesand tries to explains that he isn’t dangerous – not like the other guys. Debra Jean, who must have some SERIOUS issues with men, looks at him sadly and then suggests that when she get back from her walk, he and her car should be gone. Yeah, she’s not that stable, but whatever, we all have issues. Tweener takes the car and abandons it on the side of the road, close to Utah.

C-Note is taking the good ‘ol Amtrak to get to Utah and Westmoreland’s money. He steals an old train ticket but gets busted by the conductor. In a gross exaggeration of what would happen in real life, two cops are ordered to sit with C-Note until the authorities arrest him at the next train stop. It’s not clear whether or not they knew he was one of the Fox River inmates, but I’m going to assume they did…it’s easier to swallow. Understanding he can’t get off the train with the cops, C-Note makes a run for it, and doesn’t stop until he’s jumping off the train and into the lake beneath him. We see him later, and he seems none the worse for wear after his little bungee jump sans the bungee. He’s off on the search for Westmoreland’s money too.

Meanwhile, our precious little Sucre is just outside of Nevada and still searching for Maricruz and Hector’s wedding site. Seems he is the only one who doesn’t care about the money. Maybe he doesn’t even know about it. Interesting. Sucre finds Maricruz’s sister and begs her to let him see his love. But Hector rats him out and he has to run from the cops before he is able to see Maricruz.

Dirty Agent Kellerman meets with a man who questions if following Dr. Tancredi is the best course of action. He assures him it is since she still talks to Michael and Michael can lead them to Lincoln. Oh and Sara’s hot so he doesn’t mind befriending her. Just wait until Tequila Tancredi learns that she is being used and manipulated by yet another man…damn, those are going to be some serious therapy bills (and by therapy bills, I clearly mean “bar tab”).

Meanwhile, Sara receives and envelope containing a Michael-made origami with a phone number included. She’s toying with the idea of turning him in, but she just can’t seem to do it yet. During their NA/AA meetings, Kellerman invites Sara over for some pie. She thinks he’s hitting on her and blows him off. He counters her rebuff by suggesting that he’s gay, and she makes plans to eat some good old blueberry pie with the recovering addict/Secret Service Agent/murderer. Kellerman looks a little nervous when Sara’s father, the current Governor and future VP, walks in. But either Sara’s Dad fakes it well, or he doesn’t’ recognize Kellerman. While Sara and her Dad are talking in another room, Kellerman snoops and find the origami with the phone number. He traces the digits but finds out that it’s been disconnected for 17 years. Another roadblock for Kellerman.

Agent Mahone is having a serious case of the Mondays and is snapping at everyone. He wants Scofield (as do we all). It’s interesting that Scofield’s only pre-Fox River crime was holding up a bank, and he’s the #1 target, and NOT the child rapist/murderer. I’m just sayin’. It seems that one of the FBI techs was able to restore the data found on Michael’s laptop that was in the abandoned car. Mahone pours through the articles on Michael’s computer, many of which are about the legendary DB Cooper (aka Charles Westmoreland).

We soon find out that Mahone is especially cranky because he’s going through withdrawls. Sara and Kellerman are in a great program, maybe they could be Mahone’s sponsor. Unti that day comes, Mahone gets his dosage from his dealer, who once was an informant in the often mentioned but never explained Oscar Shales case. It seems that the drugs help Mahone to think more clearly, because all of a sudden he is able to see that all of the guys are headed to Utah, and with the information he found on Scofield’s computer, surmises that they are going after DB Cooper/Westmoreland’s money. Genius!! I find it hard to swallow, but really, do you think I’m going to give us seeing Wentworth Miller every week just because of some hard to believe plot points? Come on, you know I’m shallow.
Once again, in a VERY convenient plot device, Michael, Lincoln, Tweener and T-Bag descend upon Utah on the same day, at the same time (hmm, now isn’t that convenient). Tweener an T-Bag are the first to run into each other. Tweener gives us the best line of the episode. When T-bag asks where he is going, Tweener responds with “None of your beeswax, yo!” Classic. I had to rewind and watch that 5 more times before moving on.

Michael and Linc are in the right town, but they can’t find Double K Ranch. Michael suggests that they research it more in the town municipal building…a building filled with cops. Wait, did I say he was the brains? Hmmm. They manage to get inside, but not without avoiding suspicion from everyone they encounter. They find the book with they need and realize that the Double K ranch is actually land owned by a man whose initials are KK. They search deeper in the book for a detailed map of the land plot, but it’s missing. Someone has beat them too it. They look outside just to see T-Bag leaving the building. They confront him and demand the map, but he claims that Tweener is the one possessing the map at the moment.

Michael and Linc throw T-Bag in the trunk of the car and head out to look for Tweener. Mini K-Fed meanwhile is busy picking up the supplies he needs in order to start digging for the money. Unfortunately for him, the store clerk recognizes him, and proceeds to beat Tweener with a bat. As luck would have it (and as the writers would force us to forgive in order to keep the show moving) Michael enters the same garden shop just moments later. The clerk seems to be watching a lot of CNN, because he instantly recognizes Michael as one of the escaped convicts. He throws Michael to the ground, but that scuffle doesn’t last long because big brother Lincoln is seconds behind Michael, and he’s got a gun. The boys demand that Tweener hands over the map, but he said he doesn’t have it. He’s not lying. Cut to T-Bag, still locked in the trunk, memorizing each section of the map before he eats it. Lovely.

Since T-bag is now the Map, it’s Tweener’s turn to ride in the trunk for awhile. When they get close to the destination, Michael, Lincoln and T-Bag start their search for the Double K ranch and the silo under which Westmoreland’s $5M is buried. But oh snap, looks like they are screwed once again. It seems that there’s been a little building going on during the years Westmoreland was in prison. There is not a full blown housing development. Essentially the money is gone. Ruh roh!!!


10 Responses to “Prison Break Recap: Map 1213”

  1. Mandy on September 19th, 2006 9:17 am

    Finally! Haywire will be back next week!!! WOOHOO!!!! I LOVED how T-Bag called Tweener inbeTweener. How funny!

  2. mg714 on September 19th, 2006 10:25 am

    I really don’t get why that Debra Jean let Tweener take her car and leave without reporting him to the police. I think she’s supposed to show up again in later episodes so we’ll see. Of course, if it had been me and it had been Michael instead of Tweener, I would have done the same thing! 😉

  3. Matt on September 19th, 2006 1:06 pm

    I’m not surprised T-Bag has a photographic memory. Everybody else on the show does, like the garden store clerk who recognizes Tweener as one of eight escapees from a prison like ten states over. The prisoners have pretty good memories too. They all seem to remember exactly what Westmoreland told them. I don’t recall any of them writing it down.

  4. samsmom on September 19th, 2006 3:54 pm

    Thanks for the recap. I didn’t get to watch this week. I think you should only refer to Tweener as Mini K-Fed from now on.

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