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GMMR Watchlist: Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Jerichopremieresoncbs20060905053322374 JerichoSeries Premiere
Debut: A small Kansas town is cut off from the outside world after a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon. First up: Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) returns to Jericho after five years, but things take an unforeseen turn.

Kidnapped KidnappedSeries Premiere
Debut: The abduction of a teenage boy from a wealthy New York City family is chronicled in this serialized drama. First up: Businessman Conrad Cain (Timothy Hutton) hires an unconventional investigator (Jeremy Sisto) to find his missing son.

Tyra America’s Next Top ModelSeason Premiere
The seventh season begins with 33 would-be models battling it out for one of the 13 finalists spots. The 33 hopefuls are quickly reduced to 21 after a photo shoot at the L.A. airport. The lucky 21 are then shocked when they are asked to pose nude.

Logo_1 Biggest LoserSeason Premiere
In the third-season premiere, 50 contestants, who represent every state in the U.S., learn who will stay at the ranch and who will leave to compete from home. First up: the two teams partake in a wall-scaling contest.

14191__sinise_l_1 CSI: NYSeason Premiere
The third season begins with a homicide on the Brooklyn Bridge and the murder of a 24-year-old heiress. In the first case, a pair of bungee jumpers discover a man who was stabbed with a souvenir key chain soon after he apparently proposed to a woman.

Criminal_minds_inner Criminal MindsSeason Premiere
In the second-season opener, the conclusion of last season’s cliffhanger, the team continues its search for a kidnapped girl (Amanda Bernero) and her enigmatic abductor who has left clues for the agents.

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