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Watchlist: Monday, October 2, 2006

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Just in case you weren’t sure, GMMR’s daily WATCHLIST is a sampling of what’s on TV for the night and NOT a list of all the shows I’ll be watching. Because really, “The Carters”? Yeah, that’s not happening. Just wanted to clear that up. Enjoy!

BorgheseThe Bachelor: RomeSeason Premiere
The ninth season opens with Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a 34-year-old Italian aristocrat who has lived in the U.S. since he was 5, meeting the 27 women he’ll consider to be his bride. Two of them are Italian crashers at the opening party.

Gross_2 How I Met Your MotherBrunch
Ted flies his parents (Michael Gross, Cristine Rose) to New York to celebrate their 30th anniversary and meet Robin, but a brunch outing proves disastrous when Ted learns something startling about his mom and dad.

211221_1Welcome Back CarterSeries Premiere
Debut: Pop star Nick Carter gathers his siblings to live together in Los Angeles and fix their family relationship. In the opener, Nick uses his return to L.A. to record an album as an opportunity to reunite with his younger brother and sisters.prisonbreak-michael-linc-s2.gif

Prison BreakBuried
SPOILER ALERT!! Sucre holds Jeanette Owens and her policewoman daughter hostage as the dig for Westmoreland’s loot continues under the women’s garage; Mahone gets someone new to interrogate.

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