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So You Think You Can Dance Tour TONIGHT!!! (UPDATE)

October 7, 2006 by  

Exclusive Interview with Benji SchwimmerUPDATE: CRAZY NIGHT…first off, the SYTYCD tour was AMAZING!! The dancers were phenomenal. Each routine was more amazing than the next. I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow with a full update on the entire show – it was fantastic!!

As awesome as the show was, you know what was even better? How about meeting every single one of the dancers?!! Yup, hanging with the kids after the show tonight. How fab is that? I wish I could post all my pics tonight, but sadly I have to wait until tomorrow. But there will be pictures…oh yes, there will be pictures!!

And in case you were wondering YES, I got to meet Jailbait Ivan…yes, I called him Jailbait Ivan to his face…yes, I got a picture with him and even a little peck. And seeing Ducky take a pic with his BF Travis almost made me cry. Ha ha ha. Seriously all the scoop and pics tomorrow!!!

Jessica Fernandez, So You Think You Can DanceBut before I sign off, I have to give a special shout out to my girl JESSICA!! Jess chatted with Ducky and I for quite some time and we were stoked. Much, much more on how our new BFF Jess, and all the others….you guessed it…tomorrow!!

Psst…Jessica,I made it easy for ya, just click here to email me.


For those of you who listened to the GMMR/DuckyxDale podcast this week, you know that tonight we are headed to The Wang Center in Boston to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. Yes, before my night is over I will have been in the presence of artists such asBF Travis, Benji Donyelle, Cousin Heidi, Allison, Dymitri’s chest, and most importantly Jailbait Ivan. Sooooo excited!!

Ducky has had SYTYCD tour correspondents from all of the country share their tour experiences. Believe it or not, spoiler whore that I am, I have yet to read one of them. I want tonight to be a complete surprise.

To get things started I thought I would share a few of the dances that I am most excited to see performed lived tonight. Can’t wait!!!!!
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  1. Julie on October 7th, 2006 4:23 pm

    Have an awesome time tonight! I expect to hear all about it on GMMR, complete with pictures of you and Ducky so-you-think-you-can-dancing. 😉