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How I Met Your Mother Recap: Architect Mosby

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How I Met Your Mother Recap

So are you all watching How I Met Your Mother?  If not, why?!  It may have a laugh track, but trust me it’s more for them than you…you’ll know where to laugh.  This is my 2nd favorite comedy on TV today, and definitely Must See TV.

Our resident HIMYM recapper is man who goes by the name Jim Mosby. Yes, one part Jim Halpert, plus one part Ted Mosby equals GMMR’s ideal man.  Show Jim Mosby the love and let him know what you think of How I Met Your Mother and the recaps.

Title: Architect Mosby
Original Airdate: 10/9/2006

Awwww, Ted and Robin had their first fight as a couple.  Holy crap was it hilarious!

It all started when Robin had enough of Ted whining about work.

Ted:  How was your day?
Robin:  Good.
Ted:  Wow, you are a great interviewer. Aren’t you going to ask how my day was?
Robin:  Oh, I know how it was, it was awful. Ohh, you want to rent a movie tonight?

Insert knife into Ted.

Ted:  You know, I listen to your work stories all the time.
Robin:  Yea, but I don’t want to be rude here but my work stories are interesting, I’m a television news reporter.

Twist knife.

Poor Ted.  Thus, Ted sets out to show that he and his job are not boring and Robin spills her guts to Lily about what she just did to Ted.  Robin realized that she’s never been in a relationship that serious before and that she needs to try harder to listen and maybe go apologize to Ted.  Barney tells Ted that his job isn’t boring and that girls find Architects hot.

Barney:  You create something out of nothing.  You are like God.  There is nothing hotter than God.
Ted:  I love it when you quote scripture.

Marshall heads off to a party with his fellow law students; Barney takes off going wherever Barney goes, leaving Ted in McClaren’s. On his way out, Ted stops and starts talking to a beautiful girl and asks her what she thinks about architects.

Random Hot Girl:  Are you kidding?  Architects are hot.  How do you think Mr. Brady scored a babe like Carol?
Ted:  Solid point. She did have hair of gold.

Confusion among the gang ensues when Robin and Lily show up at McClaren’s looking for Ted so that she can apologize.  Another girl in the bar overhears Robin asking the bartender where Ted went and said you mean Ted Mosby, the Architect?

The girl tells Lily and Robin about their conversations and what all they did together, including Marshall’s law school party.  At this point, one could safely assume the worst that Ted is cheating on Robin.  Apparently though, Robin is not so worried.

Lily:  Are you okay?
Robin: Okay?  It’s awesome.  I’m in a win-win here.  Ted got to vent, and I don’t have to hear it.  Maybe after he’s done with the talky talk he’ll come over and I’ll get the fun part.

This is where the problems start for Robin:

Lily:  What is wrong with you?  I feel like I’m teaching love as a second language.  Ok you know how when he tells you boring work stories you are supposed to listen?  When he picks up some random girl in a bar you’re supposed to freak out.
Robin: I’m not freaking out, because in my mind, she’s fat.
Girl in bar:  she’s a kickboxing instructor.  Her ass looks better than my face.
Robin:  (Worried look) Alright, we’ll swing by the party.

The girls get to the party and everyone there knows “Ted Mosby, Architect.”  The host of the party tells them that Ted is a “visionary” and tells them how Marshall is still hung up on Lily breaking up with him.

Lily:  See, Marshall is still hung up on our breakup. Why?  Because I listened to him and it was a strong nurturing relationship that I threw away like old gum.

The “girl with the smackable ass” left with “Ted” and Marshall to go dancing at a club.

Robin:  Dancing, he went dancing with that girl?  Maybe this is a little bad.  Dancing is bad, dancing leads to sex.
Lily:  Did you grow up in that Footloose town?

In Robin’s freak out, she calls Ted to find him so she can go apologize. Ted doesn’t answer, panic level rises.

Robin calls Marshall who is in the Club.  Marshall says Ted is not with him, that he’s working.  Robin thinks that Marshall just lied and that is clearly a sign that Ted is cheating on her. Panic level rises again. The girls get to the club and ask the bouncer if they’ve seen the guys.

Robin:  Excuse me, uhh, I’m looking for a couple of guys that came in here earlier.  One is about 6’4, 210, sandy blonde hair and the other is a cheating bastard.

After refreshing the bouncer’s memory with a $20 and some details, the bouncer tells the girls about “Ted Mosby, the Architect” being there with the hot girl.   The girl tells “Ted Mosby, Architect” that she lives right across the street and invites him over.  “Ted” offers her “a ride” and gives her a piggy back ride next door.

Marshall:  Dude what are you doing?
Ted: (Girl on his back treating him like a horse) Galloping.
Marshall:  You proved it, alright.  The whole “Ted Mosby, Architect” thing works.  Aren’t you a little worried that a certain somebody may find out that you are doing this?  This isn’t you Ted.
Ted:  It is tonight!

Robin and Lily finally get it out of the bouncer where (as Robin called her) “The Rodeo Slut” lives after Robin gave up her purse as a bribe to the bouncer and the girls head to the apartment to find Ted.

The girls get up to the apartment and find out that her door is still unlocked.

Lily:  Get in there and kick some spankable ass.
Robin: I’m the problem. You were right, I don’t know how to be a girlfriend.  I took the nicest guy in the world and made him a cheater.
Lily: Don’t stand out here and beat yourself up, get in there and beat Ted up. I’ll handle the slutty kick boxer.  Actually, I’ll take Ted.

Robin and Lily get into the apartment undetected and hear the shower running with a girl inside of it.   As they approach the bedroom they see male feet, flick the light on and scream “what do you think you are doing?”

Behold, Barney was tied to the bed.

Barney:  Thank god you are here, can you help with this? I need nails.
Robin:  I’m totally lost here, where is Ted?
Barney:  Ted?  He’s at work.
Robin:  How did you get here?
Barney: Awesome story, as per usual.

The truth now comes out.  Ted met the kick boxer at the bar, impressed her with the whole architect thing and passed her off to Barney.  Barney then started calling himself “Ted Mosby, Architect” and used it to bed the kick boxer.

Robin:  Why would you use Ted’s name?
Barney:  I’ve had some recent bad press on the World Wide Web.  I’m taking a T.O. on the whole using my real name thing.

Lily helps Robin realize that things are okay but she still needs to apologize to Ted and value him and the relationship that she is in.  Robin goes to Ted’s office to apologize and makes things right with Ted.

The episode ends classically with the kick boxer/Barney’s one night stand reading Barney’s form letter he left to her, and since he could not remember her name, it began, “Dear Resident…

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10 Responses to “How I Met Your Mother Recap: Architect Mosby”

  1. Julie on October 10th, 2006 6:31 pm

    I LOVED this episode. The dialogue from this show is some of the funniest on TV now, so I’m glad you included so many quotes. My personal fave may have been:

    Ted: You up for some superloud repetitive music that hasn’t changed since the mid-90’s?
    Marshall: Only always!

    Sigh…Marshall rules. As does Barney for his “all my love from the beyond” letter.

    Thanks for the recap! I’m smiling just thinking about the ep. 🙂

  2. Michelle on October 10th, 2006 8:32 pm

    Great recap, Jim!

    My feelings about the episode: What kind of person IS Robin, anyway? I mean, even if you’ve never been in a relationship before (and she’s told us several times that she’s not “good” at being in relationships), plain old common sense and courtesy would tell you that it’s just not nice to tell someone, “My job is just more exciting than yours because I’m a TV reporter and you’re just an architect.” That’s not just bad for a relationship. It’s just nasty and rude and egocentric. I’m glad she came around at the end, though. (I’m wondering if Robin IS the woman he eventually marries…I know the pilot inferred otherwise, but I wonder if there’s a way around that).

    Just want to mention, too, that I am lovin’ Lily’s hair color 🙂 Seriously. She looks awesome.

  3. Cody on October 10th, 2006 8:33 pm

    Yeah, good stuff. There were some great lines here. I enjoyed the description of the building Ted was working on, and then Marshall’s reaction.

    Marshall: “So, I guess you could say it’s the whole package.”

    Barney: “Yeah, you did!”

    Marshall: “Had to.”

  4. Sus on October 11th, 2006 8:02 am

    Wow, what a detailed recap! Great job!

    HIMYM is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows ever. 🙂

    Also, I didn’t think it was possible but I love Marshall even more after this episode for the way he tried to stop Ted from cheating…even though that’s not really what happened, as it turned out. But anyway, that scene was great. 🙂

  5. Liz on October 11th, 2006 9:48 am

    Just started watching HIMYM this season, and it’s so funny! Barney is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on television. (How awesome was the part of his letter about being a ghost?)

  6. Laiquendai on October 11th, 2006 11:25 am

    Barney’s letter was superb.

    This is must see TV for me and my husband – we both love it, especially Barney – and Marshall is superb this season, so much better than he was last season.

  7. Sarcasmo on October 11th, 2006 11:45 am

    I need to see this ep again if for no other reason than all jokes around the building. “This is getting harder and harder” “Yeah you did” “Had to”.

    Also, the form letter was brilliant. I laughed harder and harder everytime I heard “resident” in place of her name.

    P.S. great recap

  8. Jim Mosby on October 11th, 2006 12:31 pm

    I agree, the form letter was priceless.

    We need a Barney’s guide to a night out book.

    – Lemon Law
    – Form Letters for One Night Stands
    – Really effective pick up lines (ex- Daddy’s home)

    haha. I actually think it was one of the weaker episodes yet, it’s the hardest i’ve laughed in ages. I could have lived without the descriptions of the building, including Robin’s landscaping advice though haha.

  9. Snow on October 11th, 2006 4:26 pm

    Thanks for the re-cap. When did it move to 8pm? My TV guide still had it listed as 8:30 and when I sat down to watch it that stupid Class show was on. I was like WTF! I love HIMYM. It’s my second fav comedy next to (of course) The Office.

  10. Rachel on October 13th, 2006 9:11 pm

    I think this was the best episode of the season so far… I’m an NPH junkie so I always love Barney.
    Speaking of…. does anyone know where I can find the text of Barney’s one night stand form letter? It was hilarious… so Barney. I loved it.