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Battlestar Galactica Recap: Exodus Part II

October 23, 2006 by  

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Mini panic attack when I checked my TiVo on Saturday morning only to find that Battlestar Galactica didn’t record. I have completely fallen for this show and I was devastated to havve missed it. Thank goodness for a little thing called iTunes. This episode was AMAZING and I found myself completely caught up to the point I was squeeing and applauding. So much went down in this one, pivotal episode. Yay Pegasus!! (Oh yeah, I finally get all the BSG on ‘The Office’ now – added bonus)

Are you guys watching BSG? We need to talk about the implications of this week’s MAJOR happenings.

A vig round of applause to Jo for recapping this week’s ep for us.

Title: Exodus Part 2
Original Airdate: 10/20/06

Previously, a baked oracle tells Xena that Hera is still alive. Ellen Tigh is busted as the leak. Baby ‘Buck continues to freak everyone out. Adama tells Apollo to go find Earth while he leads the rescue mission.

Pegasus. Dualla renews hope in Fat!Apollo that they can find Earth and Adama will return successful. Apollo argues that it’s a military fact that Galactica’s on a suicide mission. Dualla loves the Adama men and we love her for it. Apollo tells her he’s proud to serve with her and proud to call her his wife.

Resistance HQ. Anders tears into Tigh about Ellen’s betrayal. He warns Tigh to do something about her or someone else will. Ellen tries to justify her actions and finally airs out all her dirty deeds done dirt cheap. It’s sad that she still doesn’t realize the Cylons were playing her the whole time. She borrows Tigh’s cup for a drink, takes a swig, curls up in Saul’s arms and then calls her agent about a new gig. Col. Tigh is hard core but cries over his dead wife.

Colonial One. Baltar verbally bashes the Cylon leaders, because they lost Laura Roslin, Tom Zarek and the other Resistance leaders. Baltar tells them to leave New Caprica but Xena says she’s not about to let them pass down generations of Cylon hate. Before they can finish their discussion, chaos breaks outside. Explosions erupt all over the camp. Tory, Roslin’s right hand, tells the block leaders to gather their people to the ships. Cylon raiders bomb the area. Anders’ squad dig out their weapons stash from under the pyramid field. They sprint to the detention center.

Hiding in the cloud that surrounds New Caprica, Galactica and their fighters send drones in differing directions. This confuses the Cylon’s radars which think that two battlestars have jumped into orbit. Baltar cries that it was all for nothing. Starbuck doesn’t want to be left alone and Leoben knocks her out cold! Chaos indeed! Roslin runs into Tom Zarek. He grabs Jammer and orders him to stay with Roslin and ensure her safety. Xena and the Cylons finally realize that it’s just decoys and there are no battlestars.

The Chief leads a squad towards the detention center to break out the prisoners. Centurion guards keep them at bay. All the sudden, GALACTICA crashes down in flames in a wicked awesome entry to the atmosphere. This is seriously the coolest scene ever. They launch the Vipers and the jump back moments before slamming into the ground. The vipers, led by Hot Dog, take out the Centurion guards. They break open the prisoner doors. Anders find his Starbuck on the floor. He kisses her and then carries her out.

Galactica took a serious beating as did the people inside. Their little stunt drew some attention and now there are four Cylon baseships to fight. Even a healthy, fully staffed Galactica would be no match for that many Cylons. They get pummeled. Every important part of the their ship is broken, including the jump drive which means no escape. Adama concedes, “That’s it. It’s been an honor.” The camera drifts away as Galactica takes hit after hit. Suddenly shots fire from a distance. It’s Pegasus! Apollo’s firing the big guns. He takes out one base ship. Adama curses Apollo and then thanks him.

Detention Center. Starbuck comes to and flips out about Baby ‘Buck. She runs off with Ander’s knife. On Colonial One, the Cylons admit their defeat. Xena orders the rest to abandon the planet while she’ll stay behind to set off the nuke. She offers Baltar a place to go but he just wants to sit there and die. Gaeta pulls a gun to grant him his wish. He gives a little speech about his belief in Baltar and New Caprica. Baltar walks up to his gun and asks him to shoot. Gaeta gives him one last chance to make things right and stop the nuke.

Outside, civilian ship after ship jump out of the atmosphere as the Vipers hold off the Raiders. Pegasus takes a beating too because Apollo left all his Vipers behind with the fleet to protect them. Adama recalls all his fighters. Apollo gives the order to abandon ship. The crew escape in raptors. A free floating Pegasus, getting riddled with hits, slams into a baseship taking it out. A second piece of Pegasus takes out one more.

Starbuck returns to her cell for Baby ‘Buck. Leoben won’t give up the kid before she says the words he’s been longing to hear. Starbuck gives in and chokes out an “I love you.” She says it again and Leoben kisses her. He relishes in the moment and says he’ll never forget it. Neither will Starbuck because she twists a knife into his gut. She grabs Kacey and runs out, promising to explain everything to Anders later.

New Caprica. Baltar and Six stand in the camp, looking for Xena. It’s eerie, deserted and quiet except for a baby crying. They find Hera! All the adults in charge her are dead on the ground. Xena takes the baby and Baltar leaves with the Cylons.

Roslin retakes Colonial One and her proverbial throne. The fleet is reunited. I love how Roslin has immediately taken over the role of President again and I think this time the fleet won’t argue with her. The Chief takes back control of his hanger deck. He’s thrilled to see Starbuck alive. Just as she starts to explain her daughter, a woman walks up and takes Kacey. She thought she would never see HER daughter again after the Cylons took her and blesses Starbuck for saving her. Once again, the Cylons are big LYING toasters. The mother carries Not Baby ‘Buck away and a stunned Kara barely holds it together. Let’s all take this moment to add Katee Sackhoff to the list of actresses who will probably be wrongly denied an Emmy this year.

Adama greets each person aboard. He teases Apollo about understanding his orders. He’s even more excited to his best friend Tigh still alive. The people cheer Adama and carry him around on their shoulders. Tory tells Roslin that they lost Hera. Adama finally shaves off his ‘stache and proudly walks around a bustling Galactica.

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4 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Recap: Exodus Part II”

  1. Chris McQuillan on October 23rd, 2006 12:20 pm

    Best. Sci-Fi. In. Years.

    At least since the Glory Days of Deep Space Nine.

    I made a Music Video for Exodus Pt. II if anyone’s interested.

    Hopefully it conveys what I felt about the show. 😀

  2. Julie on October 23rd, 2006 12:52 pm

    That episode was extreme. I would’ve been way too emotionally involved to write a good recap. Props to you, Jo, for condensing it down to its essence. Can’t wait for Friday!

  3. Theresa on October 23rd, 2006 1:29 pm

    My boss doesn’t have the SciFi channel, but wants to watch the episodes for this season. Can you tell me how to have him get it from iTunes? Neither one of us has ever used it before… Thanks!

  4. Carli on October 24th, 2006 1:17 am

    I agree about Katee and an Emmy! Such an amazing actress, and most of the time she’s not even saying a word; it’s all in her facial expressions. Her and Mary are the best female actors in the cast, IMO.