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Prison Break Recap: Dead Fall

October 24, 2006 by  

Prison Break Recap

Prison Break returned last night after a brief hiatus. So happy to see Michael and his Merry Men back and still on the lamb. I’ll admit that the last few eps of Prison Break have been lacking. The storyline seemed to drag and things got a bit boring. But last night’s episode..woo hoo…it was all that makes Prison Break so good. Some seriously suspensful moments and some great story arcs. I can’t believe how intrigued I am by Sarah’s antics. Prison Break has never really impressed me with their B storylines, but they maybe have found their balance. And weren’t you all freaking out when…oh damn, ok read the recap so I don’t spoil anyone and then we can chat.

Title: Dead Fall
Original Airdate: 10/24/06
Michael and Sucre…
When we last left the cons, they had just finished packing Westmoreland’s 5 million dollars into a backpack when Sucre stormed in and held the guys at gunpoint demanding the cash. And that’s just where we pick up tonight. C-Note, T-Bag and Michael have no choice but to let Sucre take off with the money. It’s either the money or their lives (I could totally be a drama writer, no?). With the cash and Sucre gone, and the cops closing in on them, the guys realize they have to split like a bananna (and a comedy writer…God I’m so good I scare my self sometimes). Michael gives Jeannette and her daugther (the hostages inside the house) a knife so in an hour’s time they can escape. C-Note and Michael plan on tying up T-Bag and leaving him for the po-lice, but it seems T-Bag has other plans and he has disappeared. C-Note and Michael bid adieu.

As Michael wanders through the woods, he hears a motorcycle revving and sees Sucre in the distance. Just as I suspected, the whole robbery was a rouse, and Michael and his boy Sucre had planned the heist all along. They decide to split the money four ways: Michael, Sucre, Lincoln, and a share to Westmoreland’s daughter. They open the back pack to check out their loot only to find it stuffed with National Geographic magazines. A fine read…education indeed, but it’s not going to help them make their way to Panama. Ruh roh!! As unbelievably bad luck would have it, T-Bag made a backpack switch and now is the keeper of the $5M.

With the aid of the stolen police raido, the boys know the police aren’t far behind. The cops have closed off all of the surrounding roads forcing Michael and Sucre to ditch the motorcycle in favor of crossing over the river. Clearly these two didn’t take lessons from Baby and Johnnie, because the quickly lose their balance and fall off the log and into the water. As they fell, the log rolled and pinned Sucre’s foot under it. Michael tried to move the log, and then Sucre’s foot but to no avail. See, Michael is the brains and Lincoln in the brawn. Where the hell is the brawn in a moment like this?

Sucre is keeping his wits about him despite the situation. As he says to Michael: “I mean, it’s going to be okay, right? If you can get 8 people out of prison, you can get my Puerto Rican ass out of this right?” Dang – if there was only a number to a local lumberjack hidden in Michael’s tattoos. I wish.

The dam whistles up ahead indicate that the locks are going to open, and when the water comes in, the log should lift right off of Sucre. But with the cops seconds behind them, do they have the time? Ok, can I just stop right here and take a moment to send out a very special, heartfelt thank you to the writer of this particular episode for giving us WetWentworth(TM). On behalf of women and gay men all over this world, I say thank you.

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, the rising water, the log and Sucre’s foot. Nothing is going right, and although the water is getting deeper, the log isn’t moving. Sucre urges Michael to leave him there, knowing that if he does, he will die. Even with the bark of the police dogs getting louder, Michael isn’t’ planning on leaving his friend.

The water is rising to the point that Sucre would be completely underwater if Michael wasn’t holding him up. With pretty much no time to spare, Michael sees a rope and concocts a plan to tie the rope to the motorcycle to help move the log off Sucre. But in doing so, he has to let Sucre go under water. Sucre agrees to hold his breath and wave his arm when he is running out of air. Because this is Prison Break, the motorcycle doesn’t start right away, and by the time Michael looks up, he can’t see Sucre’s hand anymore.

Now for me, this is a gut wrenching commercial break. Yeah, I know Sucre will get out of it, but I have a MAJOR thing about watching people underwater. I mean I get really, really freaked out, so I need the commercial to be over and Sucre breathing again. But luck for you, this is a commercial free recap, brought to you by the makers of Ford (ok, not really, but I’m hoping for a car for the shoutout).

So we are back, and Michael pulls off this kickass stunt where he drives the bike down the embankment and jumps off just before it crashes into the water. The log moves but Sucre is no where to be found. A frantic (and yes still wet) Michael yells for his friend, who moments later pops up from under the log. Whew!! No time for thank yous because the police are right there.

The boys manage to escape (well duh) and they soon find themselves at a used car lot. Michael buys a clinker. Sucre calls his cousin only to find out that Maricruz said no to Hector. She didn’t marry him!! The childlike grin that Sucre wears is precious. He shares the new with his friend, and in turn Michael buys him a clinker so he can go meet up with Maricruz. Panama can wait. Sniff…sniff. I like the adventures of Michael and Sucre MUCH more than Michael and Linc.

Sarah “Tequila” Tancredi….
Tequila Tancredi arrives home, still shaken from finding her father hung in his library, to find syringes and drugs all over her coffee table. A confused Sarah soon finds herself being held at gunpoint by one of the shady faux-CIA guys. Ok unless they have a specific name (such as Kellerman), I’m just going to refer to them as SD-6. Got it? Good? A quick thinking Sarah starts smashing glasses and even goes as far as to cut herself to try to make it look like a struggle rather than a suicide. SD-6 assures her that he will make it look like she took her own life. Either that or she took off to escape trial. He and his gun move in as Sarah begs for her life. He might have a gun, but Sarah has ants, so SD-6 is kind of screwed when she snags some bug spray and gets all up in his eyes as she escapes via the fire escape. Run Sarah run…call Michael.

Sarah escapes and maker her way to a pay phone (who knew those still existed) where she calls Bruce, her Dad’s associate (I’m not sure who he is exactly, but he did work with Dead Daddy in some capacity). She tells him her theory about her father’s death not being a suicide, but rather a murder having to do with the Burrows case. Bruce assures Sarah he will help her and asks where she is so he can send a car for her. Um, yeah, Bruce is a baddie too. This much I know.

Just as I expected!! Sarah is behind the corner when she sees a woman approaching the pay phone she was using just minutes before (um, have you people never heard of Cingular? Perhaps you’ve seen Catherine Zeta-Jones and her T-Mobile ads? No?). Well it really sucks that this chick doesn’t have a cell phone today, because she is mistaken as Tequila Tancredi and is gunned down in a drive by shooting as Sarah looks on in horror.

Sarah has taken the wallet of the dead pay phone girl (whose name is Kelly) and comtemplates her next steps. Sitting in an abandoned alley, Sarah pulls out her vast array of Michael’s origami. A conversation between Kellerman and the president’s right hand man reminds us that Kellerman too has some numbers from Sarah’s origamis – or is it origami…no the plural of origami can’t be origami…can it? Anyway, he has some numbers and Kellerman isn’t convinced that the code is a phone number. Good guess.

Tequila gets a call from Baddie Bruce on her cell, and she soon realizes that he can’t be trusted. She rips out her bugged cell battery and in doing looks at the phone and has some kind of realization about the origami.

While Sarah is sitting in the alley trying to decipher Michael’s code, Kellerman has given the code to a CIA code breaker. Guess who’s going to win this race? Yup, it’s the code break. But to her credit, Sarah is not far behind. They both figure out that the first clue is RENDEZVOUS, but only Sarah has the other clues to see where she will be meeting up with her hot, ex-con, future lover!!

Just as Sarah realizes that she is short one origami bird from figuring out Michale’s secret message to her, we see that Kellerman has made his way to Sarah’s house and has found the last clue.

Lincoln and LJ…
LJ has been let out of prison in an attempt to lure Lincoln to the bad guys who are pretending to be good guys (Kellerman and the rest of all the presidents’ men). Lincoln, not the brightest bulb, has fallen for the ploy and is close enough to LJ to see him. And although SD-6 is sure that Lincoln is close by, they don’t seem to see him lurking just across the street. It must be those sunglasses. Yes, the power of sunglesses. Sunglasses prevent solar glare and help to properly disguise one the country’s most wanted criminal. Hell, if that’s all it takes, there’s a good chance bin Laden is hanging out, catching some rays on South Beach.

SD-6 is still using LJ as bait to get to Lincoln. They pay a Meth-head to start beating on LJ in an attempt to lure Michael out. Later, LJ is getting stitches when an SD-6er (or maybe it was a real FBI guy – I can’t tell) realizes that Lincoln is in the hospital room with LJ. But by the time they get to LJ’s room, they have taken off.

Speaking of Linc, he and LJ are cruising around in Janette’s stolen sports car. As it turns out, SD-6 didn’t pay the Methhead to beat on LJ, Lincoln did. It was the only way to get to LJ in the hospital. Lincoln, gets one gold star for that move. And here, all this time I thought you were just a lunkhead.

Roy & Bellick…
Roy and Bellick have somehow escaped the room Michael tied them up in, and made their way to a bar. Of course they did. Bellick calls his mommy to come pick them up, but negs on the ride after seeing the news that the boys were digging up a garage in Utah. So instead of a ride, he asks Mom for an advance on his allowance. Loser.

Roy and Bellick pretend to be on the investigation team and follow up with Jeanette. She tells them what went down with Sucre stealing all the money. She mentioned that all the guys split up and that before he left, with a heavy backpack in tow, T-Bag slipped a hundred dollar bill into her bra. Now that’s titty money!!

T-Bag is in the car, with his millions, and with vengeance on his mind. He’s heading straight for the house of the women who sent him to jail. In a flashback T-Bag recalls the day he told her that when he got out, he would find her. Um, first off, if I was this lady I would have moved out of that house THAT DAY. And if she hadn’t, well I definitely would have been gone upon hearing T-Bag escaped, No?!

Agent Mahone…
Agent Mahone is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Seems the IA finds it suspect that both Abruzzi and Mini K-Fed are dead, both by the hands of Mahone. We learn that Mahone was special ops in the military and may have done some shady things. The IA guy insists that THOSE types of things aren’t going to happen on American soil. He also tells Mahone that he isn’t leaving until he gets some answers. After taking a phone call, the IA guy simply leaves. Hmm.

Mahone exits the building and into the car of one Agent Kellerman, who just happens to be handing over the paper origami, courtesy of Michael Scofield. It seems that Mahone is in charge of this manhunt for a reason. He was put in charge by SD-6. Oh snap!! I didn’t see that one coming. And just before he exits the car, Kellerman makes sure Mahone is still clear on the directive – THEY ALL MUST DIE!!!


10 Responses to “Prison Break Recap: Dead Fall”

  1. Michelle on October 24th, 2006 11:37 am

    Great recap. I thought the last couple episodes were a little slow, too. I mean, who would have thought I’d be longing for life behind bars and a return to last season? But there was more tension inside the prison because it was such a smaller world, I think. Even last night’s storyline with Michael and Sucre hanging on the log seemed a little dragged out (why didn’t Michael see that rope and hatch his brilliant plan with the motorcycle earlier? Nothing like waiting until the last minute).

    But it was a great episode! I totally called the “Michael and Sucre are in cahoots” thing, too! I don’t care what “spoilers” they leak – Sucre is a good guy, and there’s no way he’d turn on Michael like that. Sarah’s story is great, too, and I’m glad she’s finally starting to see that Michael wasn’t full of crap when he told her about a conspiracy. That’s what’s going to bring them together – their common, unforseen enemy. And I LOVED the twist at the end with Mahone and Kellerman. I didn’t see that coming, and I had no idea that the President (or her peeps) were behind putting Mahone in charge of the fugitive investigation.

    They better not have another 3-week break coming up any time soon!

  2. mg714 on October 24th, 2006 12:19 pm

    I totally loved this episode and the twist with Mahone at the end. I thought something had to be up with Mahone, but I wasn’t sure exactly how he’d be connected to the conspiracy. I also thought this season started a little slow after the escape, but the last episode before the break and this one last night have brought the show back to what it was the first season. I really hope they can maintain the good momentum, and I’m really looking forward to Michael and Sara reuniting, hopefully before the fall finale.

  3. kilwiggle7 on October 24th, 2006 1:01 pm

    I was totally freaking out on the edge of my seat when Lincoln went to get LJ at the hospital. As the feds were walking down the hall I was rocking back and forth yelling at the tv- just like i was throughout the entire first season!

    I think PB finally got back into it’s groove, with just the right amount of drama and suspense. Are Michael and Sara really going to reunite? She doesn’t have that last crane- and Kellerman does! eek!

    Anyway, loved this episode- I was late watching it so I could fast forward through all the commercials, thank goodness. I don’t think my heart could have stood 3 minutes of suspense rather than the 30 seconds it was withstanding! Good recap! Can’t wait til next week!

  4. coloradokila on October 24th, 2006 1:56 pm

    Finally – an episode that moved along, and had some suspense.
    Nice twists, and it is about time that Sara caught on to what is going on. Duh!
    Loved the twist at the end – that is the kind of thing this show needs.

  5. Murphy on October 24th, 2006 4:08 pm

    Damn, this show is so good! =)

  6. fernando a guzman on April 20th, 2009 1:52 pm

    I don’t know wath your talking…’s been great all along..but, you know some times a few chapters have to be a little slow so we don’t suffer a heart attack!
    as for michael and sarah I look forward to seeing them together!

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