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Watchlist: Tuesday, October 23, 2006

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19370_pFriday Night LightsWho’s Your Daddy
The Panthers prepare for a fierce gridiron battle against their main rivals—rising stars the Arnett Mead Tigers. And when their field house is vandalized, apparently by the Tigers, the team plots retaliation.

11111101870oid214079000Gilmore GirlsThe Great Stink
Lorelai and Christopher attend Friday-night dinner as an official couple, but have an argument when he announces he’s granting Sherry’s request to let Gigi (Nicolette Collier) stay with her in Paris.

11111101870oid214079000Veronica MarsCharlie Don’t Surf
Logan believes his accountant is stealing money from his trust fund so he asks Veronica to investigate; Dick hires Veronica, on behalf of his fraternity, to prove that his fellow frat brothers aren’t involved with the rapes on campus.

438_pBoston LegalThe Verdict
A shocking allegation of Oedipal proportions in the Scott Little case threatens to torpedo Coho’s defense; Alan seeks outside help to breathe some life into his relationship with Sally.

11111101870oid214079000Independent LensThe World According to Sesame Street
Season 8 begins with new host Terrence Howard and the documentary “The World According to Sesame Street,” which examines efforts to produce international versions of the series.

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One Response to “Watchlist: Tuesday, October 23, 2006”

  1. coloradokila on October 24th, 2006 2:16 pm

    Yay! Logan meets Logan on VM.
    Matt as Logan’s brother is genius casting.