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Gilmore Girls Recap: “Knit, People, Knit”

November 29, 2006 by  

Title: “Knit, People, Knit!”
Original airdate: 11/2/2006

It’s Friday night dinner at maison Gilmore and they’re sitting around holding champagne glasses. Richard is making a toast to the new couple but Lorelai is eyeing the present in front of her. It’s very long and slim, so I’m guessing it’s not a house like they were planning for her and Luke. Totally should have married him Lor. Anyway they finally let her open it and the look on her face is priceless, and we get to see its an etching called “Wolfgirl” I know art is subjective and all…but that is hideous. Chris and Lorelai pretend to like it which makes Emily happy, since she didn’t know what to get with a lack of registry and all. Emily also shares that they found out the happy couple was married via their answering machine. Yes folks, she left them a freaking voice message. Emily even plays it for everyone, again and again.

Sitting at the dinner table Emily decides she wants to throw a wedding party for Chris and Lor. Richard doesn’t want anyone to think they are “ashamed” of their marriage so they must throw one, and as soon as possible. Lorelai is against it so Emily asks Rory’s opinion, and unsurprisingly Rory feels the marriage should be celebrated. Since Chris would never turn down a free cocktail his wife okays it. Emily wants a list of people Lor would like to invite to the shindig, but she only wants Sookie, Jackson and Michel there…and Logan if he wants to come. That’s it? What about all her Stars Hollow friends? Lorelai avoids the question. I’m pretty sure they all must be dead because we haven’t really seen any of them in a while. Emily lets it go but Chris gives her a funny look.

Doyle, Paris and Logan are helping Rory move her things into her new apartment. Actually is her old apartment since she’s moving back in with Paris and Doyle. Doyle’s happy to have Rory back but Paris wants Rory to sign a lease, that comes with a boyfriend clause, just in case he uses too much hot water or something. Rory signs without reading it, which is pretty dumb for someone who goes to Yale and who actually knows Paris. Logan has to head out but offers for Rory to come out to New York and have dinner at Nobu with him and some clients. She declines since “they” are throwing Lucy a 21st birthday bash, complete with a “The Year 2002” theme. 2002? What the heck happened that year? Oh yeah, I turned 21.

Lorelai is at home knitting, which gives Chris the idea that his wife has become completely domesticated. Yeah no. Turns out she’s training for the “Knit-a-thon” the town is having to raise money to rebuild a bridge on “Muddy River”. Lor decides she needs some non-slip knitting needles so she’s going to head into town and find some. Chris offers to come but she starts making excuses for him to stay home. He finally asks her why she doesn’t want him coming to town. Lorelai explains that she wants the town folks to get used to the idea of her being married to him, since he wasn’t really the guy they were expecting. She says expecting’ but I’m pretty sure she means ‘hoping’. Lorelai is trying to be sensitive and wants to ease in to it. So is that why you didn’t want to invite them to the wedding party? Lor claims that is was mostly to save them from hanging out with snobby people but some of it is because she doesn’t want it to seems like they are shoving their marriage down anyone’s throat. Well at least not anyone that is actually in the show, us viewers aren’t so lucky. Chris points out that they wont get used to him if they ever see him, so they decide to go for a stroll.

At Luke’s diner people everywhere are knitting, which of course puts Luke in
a foul mood. Cesar says he’s just upset because April is gone. Gone?
Already? Bummer. Luke points out that she’s not “gone” she just went back to
her mothers. TJ comes rushing in needing a drink because Liz is going to
have a baby at home any minute, as in she wants to give birth in their
living room complete with a Doula named Sandy. Luke finds this exasperating
and poor TJ is stressed. Liz wants Luke there and he promises he will be. He
walks TJ out of the diner and sees “Lorstopher” walking hand in hand across
the street. From the look on his face I’d say that stings a little… actually
make that a lot. He slams the door shut, gets caught up in somebody’s yarn
and immediately bans all knitters from the diner.

People are in town square, setting up and practicing for the Knit-A-Thon.
Chris and Lorelai run into Babette. She’s nice to them, even congratulating
them on the wedding, but its awkward. Next they run into Patty, who even has
a welcome wagon present for Chris. Patty asks Chris if he’s bored with the
lack of Stars Hollow nightlife but he promises he loves it. Again its
awkward and the newlyweds are off on their merry way.

Rory stops by Lucy and Olivia’s with some decorations for the party but only
Marty is there. Rory tries talking to him but he’s only giving her one word
responses and the occasional grunt. Marty, seriously, what is with all the
hostility? Thankfully the ladies show up, excited for the party and Marty
starts acting normal again.

Anna shows up at the diner wanting to talk to Luke in private. He takes her
upstairs, where she discusses how her mother isn’t doing really well and
she’s decided its best if her and April move out to New Mexico to be with
her. Luke takes it all surprisingly well, even when Anna says they are
moving out there as soon as possible, but I think he’s just in shock. Note
to Gilmore writers, I have fallen in love with April, you will not take her
away from me. Seriously, I will rally people behind me on this, and no one
likes mob mentality.

At the Inn Sookie is trying to find some theme food to make for the
Knit-A-thon, but its not working out too well. Lorelai has come in early
because she had some paperwork to do but mostly to lament her and Chris’s
walk through town. She tells Sookie how everyone was “cordial” to Chris and
she’s even upset that Babette and Miss Patty didn’t try to pinch his rear
end. Sookie explains that Chris is an outsider and that everyone loved her
and Luke. I loved her and Luke! I really did. Lor asks for Sookie’s support
so they decide to start a Chris campaign. They also decide Jackson has clout
with the town so if he likes Chris the town will like Chris. They devise a
plan for their husbands to go out for a beer together where the townsfolk
will see them. Wouldn’t it be easier to just divorce Chris and marry Luke?
Well maybe not easier but certainly more satisfying for this recapper.

At the diner April is upset, because she’s leaving her friends and New
Mexico doesn’t even have seasons. She’s freaking out so Luke takes her for
a walk letting her know that its all going to be okay. Poor April knows
she’ll never see her friends again, and it took her forever to make the ones
she has. She doesn’t want to be the loser dorky girl again at a new school.
Luke tries to promise it will be fine but his daughter just starts crying on
his shoulder.

Paris comes into Rory’s room, questioning the 2002 theme for the party,
wanting to know what the reasoning for it is. Rory explains its supposed to
be funny. Okay then. Paris wants to know if there will be hip hop dancing.
Paris? Hip hop dancing? I cannot wait to see that. Lor calls Rory, wanting
to know how much her daughter is going to donate for the new bridge. They
start discussing Mary and the whole awkwardness thing, because Rory doesn’t
get why he’s acting like a jerk. Again, you’re at Yale, so aren’t you
supposed to be smart? He still has it bad for you. Duh. Lorelai just thinks
Marty is still stinging from Rory’s rejection years ago and she just needs
to be the bigger person. Chris comes in the room so Lorelai has to go. Best
part of this scene? Doyle and Paris dancing and grinding to Nelly in the

Lor doesn’t like what Chris is wearing for his “man-date” with Jackson.
Seems its too “black and fitted” but he doesn’t seem to think its such a big
deal. He points out that they’re walk through town went great, but Lor
points out that actually it didn’t. His welcome wagon present was filled
with cleaning supplies which doesn’t bode well with the town liking him too
much. She explains that Jackson is loved, so if he’s in with Jackson, he’s
in with Stars Hollow. Now poor Chris is nervous and heads upstairs to

At the bar Jackson and Chris are making small talk and its…well I hate to
over use the word but “awkward” would be it. Chris tries to bring up farming
but even that doesn’t go too well. Jackson brings up Lorelai and how many
men have tried and failed. Chris just says he feels lucky. Oh and you know
what Jackson loves about farming? The commitment. You can have the best
soil, the best seeds but unless you are commited to being there day after
day it just wont work. Supposedly Sookie loves farming too. Oh wait,
“farming” is actually code word for Lorelai. Awwww….look at Jackson being
all protective. It’s cute. Chris gets what he’s saying and promises he
loves “farming” too. Looks like the boys have an understanding.

Anna and Luke are at a restaurant because Luke wanted to talk about April,
making sure she’s okay with the whole moving thing. Luke thinks maybe Anna
could wait to move or April could stay with Luke for a bit to finish the
school year. Anna doesn’t want to be without April for 6 months. Luke
suggests that they get April some plane tickets so she knows she can come
back to visit and he mentioned to April that she could come visit him in
spring break and over the summer. Well this really pisses Anna off because
he has no right making promises to “her daughter” and that she doesn’t want
Luke talking to April about this again. She doesn’t want Luke going behind
her back and making promises that Anna can’t keep. Does this mean April
isn’t coming back? It means Anna isn’t ready to make decisions yet, and they
are her decisions to make, not Luke’s. She storms out (cough…b*tch…cough)
and Luke’s cell rings before he can react. It’s TJ, Liz in labor so he
better head over.

The Knit-A-Thon is about to start and everyone is buzzing around.
Lorstopher run into Sookie and Jackson (Sookson? Jackie?) and the guys
discuss getting together to watch “the game” on Wednesday night. As Lor and
Chris go to stake out a spot Lor mentions how she has many activities lined
up for Chris with different men of the town, including a possible assistant
little league coach job. Yeah, Chris seems really happy about that. Lor
sits with Miss Patty, Babette and Sookie. Let the knitting begin!

Let’s party like it’s 2002! Yeah sounds dumb to me too. Lucy sees that Paris
is at her party, which seems to excite her so she heads over to introduce
herself. Rory sees this as a prime time to go over and talk to Marty, whose
tending bar. She tries talking to him but he’s just being an idiot so she
finally calls him on his behavior. She tells him he’s put her in a really
awkward position so the least he could do is not be a jerk to her about it.
He apologizes and promises he’s done being a jerk. Great. I always liked
Marty, so its nice to see him normal again. Meanwhile Paris and Doyle are
owning the dance floor.

TJ is holding his new daughter, who he and Liz have named Doula. I kid you
not. He passes her off to Luke, and Luke is instantly smitten. TJ mentions
that April will probably be they’re go to babysitter. I sure hope so.

The knitting isn’t going to well, but everyone is in good spirits, even
though they have over seven thousand dollars still to raise. Chris moves
away from the flock and starts talking to Taylor on the podium. Taylor then
announces that Chris has donated the remainder of the money they need so the
knitting can stop now. Babette and Miss Patty thank him, but everyone in the
town just seem disappointed that it all ended so quickly. Even Lorelai seems
upset and tries to convince everyone to keep knitting but everyone heads out
to go find something else to do. Oh Chris, money can’t buy you everything,
including love from the people of Stars Hollow.

Olivia and Rory are sitting at the party, discussing the dancers, which
include Lucy. When Olivia heads out to go flirt with a boy Marty takes her
place beside Rory on the couch. They’re both drunk, and Rory brings up the
time she saw Mary naked outside her dorm room. Marty accuses her of checking
him out, which of course Rory denies. Yeah he was a scrawny freshman back
then but he believes he’s filled out now. Rory agrees he’s looking good and
Marty proclaims Rory is more beautiful then ever. He says it a little too
soft and a little too intense and poor Rory is uncomfortable, so she
suggests he go dance with his girlfriend. Yeah remember her buddy? He seems
to realize what he just did so he gets up, grabs Lucy and plants a big kiss
on her. Rory just looks on with a worried expression on her face. Must be
hard the girl that all the guys want…except you know…awesome at the same

Chris can’t believe he feels bad for donating the money to save the bridge,
because really wasn’t that the point of the whole thing? Lorelai says it was
a town thing and its hard for outsiders to understand. Oh and Chris doesn’t
have to try so hard to make the people like him. Chris laughs, saying Lor is
the one who wants the town to like him. But he promises they will like him,
he’s a likeable guy and he loves Lorelai, so he’s not going anywhere.

Luke pulls up to Anna’s place and pounds on the door, Aprils not there so
Anna is surprised to see him. Luke pretty much lets Anna have it. He says
that he missed Aprils birth, first steps and first day of school but that
was Anna’s choice and it was a lousy one. April is not just Anna’s kid but
his kid too, and they should be making decisions together. He is her father,
he has rights and he’ll fight Anna for those rights if he has to. He storms
off, leaving a worried Anna to watch him go and a million female viewers
fanning themselves.

So ladies and gents, Chris isn’t fitting in too well to the Lorelai
lifestyle. Does this mean Chris ISN’T the one for her, or does that just
mean NO ONE could really fit? Who knows. I just hope Luke and Chris fight it
out again sometime soon.

Being born and raised amongst the igloos of Canada shaped Whirl’s love of hockey, beer and the warmth of the television screen. Though she refuses to wear spandex she has sworn to use her powers of sarcasm for the greater good of man kind, and disguises herself daily as a mild mannered office clerk. Oh yeah, and she’s not too bad at Trivial Pursuit. Seriously. Seriously.

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6 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Recap: “Knit, People, Knit””

  1. megg on November 29th, 2006 12:59 pm

    i used to be such a big fan of this show…and of course when the luke and loreli relationship started to circle the drain i removed it from my must list of programs to watch. i still would read about what was going on just to see if anything was happening to perk my interest again. however when i was re-watching the show on dvd just this past holiday weekend i realized that pretty much since the moment rory stole that yacht bc logan’s dad told her that she wasn’t cut out to be a journalist i feel as if these characters aren’t who we were originally told they were.

    i dont hate logan but i literally cringe everytime i see him and rory together because i feel like they have downgraded that character from what was once a strong and powerful young woman into someone who is more concerned with her romantic problems. i realize that she is now focused again on becoming a journalist but i feel as if that drive that she used to have has been removed from her character.

    and finally when it comes to chris and loreli…i dont hate chris either. i understand what a television show is and conflict is a must. but i just wish they could have given us more of a believable reason as to why loreli loves him so much besides that they had rory and they grew up together. the only time he was ever portrayed on the show was somehow hurting both loreli and rory and leaving them. chris could have been a rather likeable character by many more faithful gilmore girls viewers but we weren’t able to.

  2. coloradokila on November 29th, 2006 2:03 pm

    Looks like you might get your wish (Chris and Luke duking it out), Whirl, if we are to believe the promo’s for upcoming episodes.

  3. John on November 29th, 2006 2:36 pm

    I think the Wolfgirl picture is Emily’s punishment for just leaving a voice mail message about the wedding.

  4. Whirl on November 29th, 2006 9:33 pm

    Really coloradokila? I didn’t see the previews, interupted by some news flash or somehing. Its wrong I know but there is nothing I like more then a good man fight.

    Lots of great points Megg, most of which I agree with. I just don’t understand how we are supposed to like Chris after years of being shown reasons never to like him.

    Thanks for reading guys, because comments are gold.

  5. Sarcasmo on November 30th, 2006 3:56 pm

    How awesome was Luke’s tirade towards Anna? I was practically cheering for him by the end of it. Way to go LUKE!

  6. PrawnOfSatan on December 5th, 2006 5:28 pm

    I love your recaps Whirl. Great sense of humour!