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Watchlist: Thursday, December 7, 2006

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Summer_wavyhair_oc The O.C.The Summer Bummer
While Seth is away visiting Summer – and ironing out a new wrinkle in their long-distance romance – Sandy and Kirsten bond with Ryan. Kaitlin scores one against the school mean girl by throwing a raging party and Julie finds herself a dating target.

My Name is Earl My Name is EarlSouth of the Border – Special 1 hour episode
(Part I) Earl and Randy encounter obstacles as they travel to Mexico to get Catalina back. Meanwhile, Darnell has trouble adjusting to Joy’s nicer personality now that she is taking medication to control her anger. (Part II) While in Mexico searching for Catalina, Earl encounters a fashion-challenged criminal (John Leguizamo), and Randy helps fill a void in the life of a married couple. Back in Camden County, Darnell is annoyed by invasive neighbors.

Zachdoctorfghjkl ScrubsMy Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby and My Baby’s Baby
When Carla goes into labor, Turk is more concerned about being overshadowed by Elliot. J.D. and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) try to figure out what to do about impending parenthood and Jordan (Christa Miller) takes issue with Dr. Cox treating their son Jack like a “drinking buddy.”

30 Rock 30 RockTracey Does Conana
The perpetually meddling Jack blocks Jenna’s guest appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” by booking Tracy instead, raising Jenna’s ire in the process. But Tracy’s guest shot could prove disastrous when the unhinged star goes off his meds.

Heche_anne Men in TreesNew York Fiction
In the conclusion to this two-part episode, Jack is caught off guard while waiting for Marin’s return from New York when someone from his past arrives with a secret. Meanwhile, Annie is still mad at Patrick for neglecting her at Thanksgiving dinner and Buzz faces a medical crises.

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