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TV Guide’s Best and Worst in TV

December 26, 2006 by has just launched it’s list of the best and worst of television in 2006. Favorites such as 24, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy were a shoe in but there were a few newbies on the list too, like Heroes and Friday Night Lights. And the worst of TV, well it was mostly reality shows with a few forgettables thrown in for good measure.

TV Guide’s Best in TV

Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, Veronica Mars, The Office, 24, Lost, Deadwood (click here for more on each show)
TV Guide’s Worst in TV

Unanimous, The One: Making a Music Star, Twenty Good Years, Master of Champions, House of Carters, Celebrity Duets, Flavor of Love, Tuesday Night Bookclub, Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Happy Hour (click here for more on each show)

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3 Responses to “TV Guide’s Best and Worst in TV”

  1. mwhip on December 26th, 2006 4:37 pm

    Unlike EW they forgot about The Wire.

  2. Team Pam A.K.A Stamford Worker on December 27th, 2006 12:03 am

    Deal Or No Deal isn’t on the list of worst TV?! That is malfeasunce! 😉

  3. Brian on December 27th, 2006 12:06 am

    …for malfeasance’s sake, no less. It’s hard for me to gauge this. I watch three of the top shows religiously but have never really seen the rest (including Lost and 24). And I’ve never seen any of the worst shows. I guess I won’t be competing with any time soon.