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The Office & The O.C. on No Sleep

January 5, 2007 by  

It’s about 3:55 AM here in not so sunny, and not so warm California. How is it that it’s warmer in Boston than it is here in Cali? I mean, they have palm trees here…I saw them. Palm trees should always equal a warm climate. Anyway, it’s early, and although I tried to stay up late last night my body is automatically set to wake up at 6:30 AM. I thought maybe I fire off a quick post and then try to go back to sleep again (yeah, like that’s gonna happen).

So I didn’t watch much TV last night with my travels and such but I did fit in the best that last night had to offer…The Office and The O.C.

The Office

The Office: Back from Vacation

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot! Michael got some action. Niiice [/kevin]. I’m still shocked that Jan agreed to go on the trip with him to Jamaica. And maybe even more surprised that they actually had sex. I know she said she was following the advice of her therapist, but clearly the therapist has never met Michael. And it seems no matter how hard he tries, Michael just can’t get out of his own way. But despite the drums and the ridiculous beading in his hair, we saw a maturity from Michael last night that we usually aren’t privy to. A nod to Steve Carell’s acting talents for playing Michael so on point that he is so many things at so many times – an over the top showman, a little boy desperate for acceptance, a lonely man afraid of losing a relationship he clearly cares about. It’s all there, and the amazing thing is that all those character interpretations are often present during the same scene. Now go off and make some sweet love to Jan.

Let’s talk about who won’t be making sweet love this week. Sigh. Are you kidding me? Crying Pam? I wasn’t expecting my heart to be ripped out and stepped on like that. Wasn’t expecting it at all. Bravo to Jenna Fischer for pulling it off so realistically. And to Rainn Wilson for leaving the largeness that is Dwight Schrute at the door for a minute and being totally sweet and vulnerable – even when throwing a hilarious line in the mix of it all. Much like Michael, Jim and Pam seem to be their own worst enemies. I was screaming at the TV during the break room scene last night. And although it was tough to watch Pam give Jim advice that would ultimately bring Karen and Jim closer together (figuratively and literally) it was nice to finally see Pam really yearning for Jim. I think it’s something that most of us have been waiting for all season long. Jenna and John spoke with their eyes during that scene last night, so it was almost like we were able to see two scenes play out at once. I can’t wait to go home and watch it again. Yeah, it hit me around 8:25pm last night that hotels don’t have TiVos. I always watch The Office at least three times on Thursday nights, so I’m sure I missed a lot. Because you know watching it once is never enough…the second viewing is like second drink.

And for third drink, check out the deleted scenes available at One is already up and I’m sure we will see more throughout the week.

The O.C.

Summer and her bunny - The OC

Why God Why is this show going off the air? When I think about all the terrible television we are subjected to, it really bums me out that The O.C. can’t find an audience out there. The show has finally rediscovered its voice after a bit of laryngitis last season. It’s thankfully relying on the comedy and wit of Season One with the heavy handed angst being secondary to the emotional growth of Ryan Atwood (did I just type that…who am I? Clearly I need sleep). Even the whole storyline with Hercules (Ryan’s Dad) was well played. Yes, another Atwood family member presents himself with major issues, but unlike Trey (Ryan’s brother) and Dawn (his mother), Ryan’s father seems to really have truly made an effort to turn things around. Even though he lied about the whole I’m dying of cancer thing, it almost seemed like he was lying for a good reason – he just wanted to make amends with his son. And speaking of Father and Son, how sweet was is to see Sandy Cohen threatened with the thought of Ryan having another father figure in his life? And in the end, when Ryan finally referred to Sandy as his “Dad”…well, it’s something I have been waiting a lot time to hear.

Seth and Summer and their one upmanship over not wanting to cancel their ill-advised engagement was funny stuff. Clearly these two aren’t ready for marriage if they are pulling this sophomore BS, but it’s still amusing so I’ll go with it. Had I had my TiVo with me we could have talked about some of the hysterical exchanges last night regarding the upcoming nuptials. Maybe I’ll throw together an O.C. quote list for later this week because there were some doozies last night.

And Taylor Townsend was Taylor Townsend, and that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

Off to Bed…Again

Yeah, so I’m not sure how you managed to get through this poorly written, non-nonsensical post but kudos to you if you did. I’m starting to get a wee bit sleepy so I’m going to go back to bed and get int some Zzzz’s before I have to get up and start my day in two hours. Good morning and good night to you all.

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11 Responses to “The Office & The O.C. on No Sleep”

  1. tiff on January 5th, 2007 9:21 am

    My favorite part of the OC was Summer’s vows based on Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein: “I meant what I said and I said what I meant; an elephant is faithful one hundred percent!” I totally want to borrow that for my own vows!!

  2. Melody on January 5th, 2007 9:33 am

    I think it’s because we’ve never seen Pam cry like THAT, all-out crying, but I felt so absolutely shocked when they cut to the shot of her sitting in the hallway. I have never in my life had such a strong personal emotional reaction to a character crying. Sure, I’ve cried at movies when people die or something. But I’ve never felt so broken-hearted from seeing a character cry. I don’t know whether that’s a testament to extraordinary talent of Jenna Fischer or perhaps my over-involvement in this show (probably both), but wow. WOW.

  3. Clare on January 5th, 2007 10:05 am

    Wow, hurts so good. The Office was definitely painful to watch last night but such beautiful story telling.

    The breakroom scene was amazing, beautifully done, of course, but also rather harmless as far as Pam’s advice to Jim. I didn’t see her push him toward Karen, but rather point out that it really didn’t matter one way or the other if she moved to his street. And I loved the chemistry and conversation that followed.

    Pam’s crying absolutely killed me (Jenna was outstanding) but, Dwight? He was adorable last night, loved him.

    Phyllis rockin the cold open!

    Michael and Jan, so wrong but man……so hot .

    And always Darryl Darryl Darryl! Love that guy.

  4. Whirl on January 5th, 2007 10:24 am

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GMMR! Yeah I’m a bit late but the holiday season always leaves me lagging behind.

    Pam/Jim last night was amazing. I was happy to see Pam lisening to Jim and being the “friend” that he always was to her, over the first two seasons. Even her talking head afterwards reminded me of Jim, and made my heart break for her.

    But the crying scene killed me. Ripped out my heart and then did a dance on it. Only the Office could make my eyes mist up and then make me laugh out loud two seconds later. I love when they pair up Pam and Dwight for scenes, and I want more of it!

    Did anyone else like the last scene between Pam and Roy? I found it sweet, and I’m starting to love Roy this year.

    Finally the hidden hero in tonights episode has to be Phyllis, her joining in with Jim to terrorize Dwight made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. You expect it from everyone else, but Phyllis always surprises me.

    Alright enough of me.

  5. kilwiggle7 on January 5th, 2007 10:44 am

    The office was great this week. I was laughing from the first moment and it continued through til the end. Jenna was great last night and I truly felt for Pam. After all the sadness, Dwight threw in that one liner that made me laugh again. Michael looked like he was walking into the execution chamber when he turned around and looked at everyone when he was heading up to his office for his talk with Jan… It was great…

    The OC was wonderful as well. I am really going to be sad to see it go. However, I was a little disappointed in the lack of originality on the part of Julie’s character. Who didn’t see her kissing Ryan’s dad from the first minute they began talking… I’m just hoping that she doesn’t end up marrying him. Why can’t they make Julie a strong woman who doesn’t need a guy in her life in order to make herself feel better…. grrr

  6. duckyxdale on January 5th, 2007 11:08 am

    Kath, seriously its like we read each others minds… AGAIN! I wrote so much of the same stuff you did over on my posting for last nights ep. Too funny. Sorry its so cold in LA but being closer to JKras must warm your cockles (is that how its spelled? With COCK in it? Oh god!)!

    Miss you!

  7. Bill on January 5th, 2007 3:54 pm

    Yep, Office was pretty good. I wasn’t expecting Jan to start an actual relationship with Dwight. Also, Kevin and Darryl had great moments last night. But was Oscar there? I didn’t notice him, and I figured he should be back now.
    I didn’t watch OC: I instead watched the whole 2-hour comedy block of NBC and it was television perfection. Even My Name is Earl, which I usually don’t watch, score big laughs with its lengthy parody of Cops.
    Also, why doesn’t this website feature a recap of Scrubs (my other favorite show, next to the Office).

  8. samsmom on January 5th, 2007 4:00 pm

    It is supposed to warm up here in California by the end of the weekend, so you will get your 70 degree weather if you don’t blow away first.

    As for the Office…I think I read somewhere (TWoP boards?) that someone was wondering if this ep would parallel Booze Cruise (both right after the Christmas ep). I totally think this ep did. After Booze Cruise Jim was devistated. Pam/Roy made a big progression in their relationship. In BfV, Jim/Karen made a somewhat big progression in theirs, and Pam helped and was devistated. I think this will only make her stronger, but I think she will start to move on a bit. I loved the Pam/Roy interaction at the end…really sweet. Michael was top notch tonight. He couldn’t have been better. Loved the cold open. Muppet babies. Andy and his chainsaw. Did Ryan say anything during this ep? I don’t think he did. Okay…I will stop rambling. Is it next Thursday yet?

  9. Lisa (aka lmr722) on January 5th, 2007 7:13 pm

    Hi GMMR, I hope things are getting better in L.A. We warned you that “Back from Vacation” would be no vacation at all! Man, I’m still sad, how pitiful is that.

    Samsmom pointed out that this was the polar opposite of the Booze Cruise at the same point in the season a year ago – how right you are. But that also gives us hope that better days are coming for Jam fans. sigh. Bright spot is that I have newfound love and respect for Dwight.

    I have to watch it again as only one viewing while chatting doesn’t cut it. Looking forward to next Thursday.

  10. Jen on January 5th, 2007 11:18 pm

    The way I see it, is this: If Pam cries, I cry. We share the same love and yearning for Jim, so basically we are the same person. hehe.
    I didn’t “cry, cry” but I was extremely upset. But Dwight was great, loved how he tied his jacket around his waist. lol.

    And can someone please explain to me why Karen calls Jim “Halpert”?!?!?! I don’t remember Pam refering to him as Halpert, but only when joking it may have come up once or twice…but I think that could have contributed to Pam’s breakdown 😉 lol

    I loved the episode in general, the e-mail was great, and I loved how everyone thought Jan arriving meant that Michael was dead, when in a bizarre turn of events he wasn’t.

    And a side note—it reached 55 degrees when I left for school this morning GMMR! Ahhh New England. and tomorrow is supposed to be like, 62 or something—enjoy Cali! lol

  11. neverenoughjam on January 7th, 2007 3:16 pm

    Kath, thanks for the great recap/review. I would have added something about Ed Helms once again just DEFINING Andy with, what, three lines? His “wake me when she turns over” was hilarious. I hope Andy stays.

    And welcome to the Bay Area (you’re in SF, no?). You got here on one of the few cold spells we get. In any case, SF is always 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the Bay Area. But the people are great and the City is fantastic. Welcome.

    And yeah, when are you going to start reviewing Scrubs? 😀