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Prison Break is Back (GMMR Sneak Peek)

January 22, 2007 by  

Prison Break

This post contains minor spoilers for tonight’s episode of Prison Break…you have been warned.

Michael Scofield and his band of merry men (well at least those still kickin’) are back tonight on Prison Break (8/7c on Fox) after a too long mini-hiatus. I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, and let me tell ya…it is good!

Prison Break, Mahone, Scofield, Burrows and KellermanWhen we last saw Michael and Linc they had been captured by Mahone and were set-up to be executed in an elaborate tunnel raid that everyone and their mother seemed to be in on. Or at least that’s what Mahone and Creepy Billy Kim thought. Just as Michael and Linc were cornered, guns pointing at them from both sides by Mahone and Kellerman, Kellerman shocked us all when he pulled the trigger and shot Mahone. Oh snap!

Tonight’s episode picks up just as we left off, still in the tunnel and Linc and Michael with those ‘WTF just happened’ faces still in tact. As expected they’re a bit hesitant to follow Kellerman’s lead as they don’t know who the hell he is (which I kind of forgot), but the po’lice are just seconds away and they have no choice but to go with the man that just saved their lives. And that my friends, is the set-up for tonight’s action packed episode. The ep follows Kellerman, Burrows and Scofield in the hours after their first in-tunnel encounter. I loved watching these three interact on screen. Paul Adelstein’s portrayal of Kellerman is so damn good I found myself pulling for him despite the asshatic (yes, that’s my new word) things he has done in the name of The Company.

Checking in with the other Fox River escapees…

C-Note’s wife was arrested while picking up medication for her daughter. As it turns out, she was denied bail and she is going to jail for aiding and abetting a convict. C-Note offers to turn himself in, but she says no as their daughter DeeDee would be left parentless. Something tell me this woman has listened to Tammy Wynette’s ‘Stand by Your Man’ one too many times.

T-Bag finally found Mrs. Hollander, the woman who he was involved with before he was sent to Fox River. Remember her…she was the woman who spat in his face while he was in jail, and he vowed to find her when he got out. Well, T-Bag is a man of his word. He has found Mrs. Hollander, and her kids (who still think he’s fun old Uncle Teddy). T-Bag is beyond creepy as he tries to settle back into the lives of the Hollander family. It’s sad and desperate and I had chills every time he went near one of the kids. But the Cleavers they are not, and things soon turn even darker for the bunch.

Back over at Fox River, Bellick isn’t making any new friends in the pen. And let’s just say that you NEED friends in there. Uh oh, Brad. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?!

I want you all to watch the show, so I purposely didn’t want to spill too much. But know this – tonight is a VERY important episode. Questions are answered but even more are raised. And something BIG goes down in the last few minutes…something that has a major impact on the lives of Linc and Michael. Ruh Roh!!

Here are a few pics from tonight’s episode:

Prison Break, John Doe, 3 Prison Break, John Doe, 4
Prison Break, John Doe, 2 Prison Break, John Doe, 1


2 Responses to “Prison Break is Back (GMMR Sneak Peek)”

  1. kilwiggle7 on January 22nd, 2007 10:37 am

    I can’t wait for this episode… I’ve been looking forward to this day since November!!! Thanks for the minor spoilers… 🙂 It just gets me pumped more than I already am! 😀

  2. Tracy on January 22nd, 2007 3:49 pm

    Prison Break and 24…holy crap!!