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Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Taking a Break From All Your Worries”

January 29, 2007 by  

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Title: “Taking a Break from all your Worries”
Original Airdate: Jan. 28, 2007
GMMR note: I was so bummed to have missed last night’s episode. With all the SAG hoopla I had to TiVo it. But I’m looking forward to watching it tonight. It kills me not to read Michelle’s recap…I mean it physically hurts. Ha!

Previously, Lee and Kara are in a love catch-22. Baltar signed a death warrant and still thinks he’s a Cylon. But let’s be honest, we’re not that lucky.

Someone is singing a creepy cradle song while Figment Six finishes the noose around Baltar’s neck. Gaeta goes to visit Baltar and finds him hanging. Baltar takes deep breaths and wakes up in some Cylon resurrection goo. Nope, not a Cylon, just another Figment as the guard’s mouth to mouth brings him back to life.

41,403. Apollo leads the Chief to a makeshift bar on the hanger deck. They toast to marriage, “Why we build bars”. Gaeta is in trouble with the Parents for sneaking a peak at Baltar. Meanwhile, Apollo is in trouble with Dee. She’s still trying but he’s not. In a lesson of cosmic karma, Roslin brings Baltar his glasses and a cigar before unleashing a war of worlds trying to get him to talk. She asks about his collusion on Caprica. Naturally he lies. Yelling at each other, Roslin orders Baltar to the nearest airlock. They drag him kicking and screaming through the Hall of the Departed. But Roslin’s bluff didn’t break him; Adama suggest hopping Baltar up on hallucinogens to get him to talk.

Post booty call, Anders confront Kara about her destiny. He asks if she loves Lee. “Maybe”. Yeeah and Jim just had a crush on Pam. Does no one ‘fess up to love these days? Anders sees the truth and tells her to go to him. Speaking of Apollo, he’s a mean drunk. Dualla knows all along that he would never love her as much as she does him. She also tells him to go to Kara because it’s over. Kara asks if Lee will leave Dee and Lee changes his tune, furthering my theory that he’s far more emotionally messed up than Kara.

Baltar gets juiced up. He thinks he’s floating in a dark watery grave, but he can hear Adama who’s talking to him. Baltar confesses that Caprica Six saved him from the nuke but he didn’t conspire with her. He’s not a Cylon, but he just wanted to know who the Final Five are. That’s all the info they get from him before Cottle ends the experiment.

Drunk Apollo and the Chief hide in the bar. The Chief says he never thinks about Sharon. Drunk Apollo staggers back to his quarters, bumps into some people and drops his ring.

Baltar in his cell to Gaeta and Apollo at the dinner table to Dee give an eloquent speech about their indiscretions. They are two men trapped by circumstance. Neither asked to be in the position they are in and both feel victim no matter if the actions they take feel like the right thing to do. They are both liberated and ensnared by the truth. And they will both say whatever they believe is true at the moment in order to preserve what little of life they have left.

Apollo’s speech moves Dee enough to give him another chance. She takes his hand and the two embrace. Within eye shot, Apollo sees Kara and Anders bounding at the bar once again. It’s like nothing has changed since New Caprica.

Baltar fixes Gaeta’s calculations on the chart to Earth before Baltar realizes they are being watched. He clams up. Gaeta stabs Baltar in the neck, but misses the artery. Roslin distracts and Adama lands a right hook on Mr. Gaeta.

Roslin and Adama have one of their regular morality discussions but I’m totally distracted by the fact that she’s lying in bed and he’s sitting beside her. Ya’ll are adorable. Next, Baltar gets a “fair” trial. I’m sure that’ll go over well in the fleet.

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One Response to “Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Taking a Break From All Your Worries””

  1. demondoll on January 29th, 2007 6:01 pm

    I had a difficult time watching this one. Baltar and Appollo are both so sad and broken.
    The ship MPs must be having a field day with all those drunk soldiers.