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Gilmore Girls Recap: “To Whom It May Concern “

January 31, 2007 by  

Gilmore Girls Recap

Title: To Whom It May Concern
Original Airdate: January 30, 2007

GMMR Recapper: Whirl

Sorry guy’s but due to some technical difficulties today’s recap is going to look a bit different then what you are used to. Seems my VCR decided to revolt and devour the tape containing my episode of Gilmore Girls. Thankfully I watched it, but I’m going by memory here, so be kind. If you are, you get a cookie. (GMMR note: VCR? Do they still make those? Thanks for doing the recap for us despite your woes)

Chris, Lorelai and Rory are over at the Gilmore’s for dinner. Too bad the food was so awful that they felt the need to sneak it out of the house in napkins to dispose of it later. Before they leave Emily lets her daughter know that she won’t be able to meet her to go over the seating arrangements for the party. I had just assumed the party had happened during the off period. The real question is will the “celebration” ever take place?

Rory: Our girl headed back to Yale after Christmas break all sad about the state of her and Lucy’s relationship. True to her plans last week she writes Lucy a letter and leaves it posted on her dorm room door. Even Paris, and her plan called “The Finish Line” can’t get Rory out of her funk. Especially since the plan is all about doing everything possible to get the most out of their last few months at Yale. Even if it means applying for law school when you don’t want to be a lawyer. After talking (aka moaning) about the Lucy problem to Richard and Paris respectfully, the latter takes matters into her own hands. When Rory and Paris see Lucy in the cafeteria Paris marches over and reads her the riot act, letting her know that Rory is an amazing friend so she better smarten up. Turns out Lucy read the letter from Rory, completely sees her side of the story and all is well between them. However, things with her and Marty did not work out, which is understandable since he had the hots for another girl. But Rory gets to hang out with her friends again so who cares? Not me. And she even brings Paris along for the fun.

Sookie: She comes a calling on Lorelai pretty early in the morning with coffee and muffins, so you know she wants a favor. Her and Jackson were going to go on a ski/reading day trip but their babysitter cancelled, and Lor has no problem taking over. For some reason Sookie is acting funny, being over emotional and oddly particular. When the couple comes home early from their trip Lor confronts her best friends husband. Remember back in the day when Sookie forced Jackson to have a vasectomy after she gave birth? It would seem he didn’t do it, and neglected to mention that to his wife. He didn’t think it was a problem because she was on birth control that is until a month ago. He knows she’s pregnant; he’s just not sure how to tell Sookie that. Wow, that man is NEVER getting laid again. Lor convinces him to tell her right away, and she freaks right out (understandably), storming out of the house with Lor right behind her. The ladies go for a walk, Sookie upset because she’d been counting down the days until she would be diaper free, and now it’s going to start all over again. Lor reminds her of all the wonderful things that children bring to your life and eventually our chef is all excited about it, hoping to have a girl. Or a boy. I hope so too Sookie, I hope so too.

Lorelai/Christopher: First let me point out that writing Lorelai/Christopher pained me. GREATLY! Since Lor is out looking after babies Chris stays home to put up a flat screen TV. Sure his wife thinks it’s useless but he’s a man, and men like manly things. Or something like that. Unfortunately his wife was playing with his Level (I wish it had a better name…like “Straightened” or “Levelaitor“) so he goes in search for it. Thankfully he finds it in Lor’s desk drawer…too bad her hand written copy of Luke’s letter is sitting right beside it. Even worse, he reads it. Later on when Lorelai gets home she finds him sitting at the kitchen table, the letter lying beside him. Lor tries to explain why she did it, to help Luke out, but Chris sees it more as her professing her love for Luke with pen and paper. When Chris asks Lor if she is still in love with Luke she looks him in the eye and tells him “No. I am not still in love with Luke.” He doesn’t believe her, saying he thought he could be her second choice, but he realizes he can’t. He leaves without a backwards glance, Lorelai all the while proclaiming her love for him. I don’t know what is worse, Chris and his classic leaving behavior or me believing Lorelai about her non-feelings for Luke. Say it isn’t so!

Luke: He’s all set and waiting to meet with Anna and the lawyers outside the courtroom. Too bad Anna shows up and feels the need to talk to him. Luke’s being polite and awkward, trying to make it less painful but she just loves pointing out the fact that he’s wasting his time. Why? Because she’s the “Mom” and he doesn’t really have a history of being “committed to relationships.” If I could reach through TV and b*tch slap her I would. Inside the lawyers duke it out, Anna’s lawyer bringing up Luke’s old relationships and the fact that he “works” in a diner. Oh no you didn’t! Though Luke isn’t supposed to talk he points out that he “owns” that diner, and maybe he does have a history of relationships not working but it’s always been amicable. The fact is April is his daughter and though he missed her first 12 years (through no fault of his own) he knows he would be a good father. At this point the judge reads out Lorelai’s letter, and it’s simply beautiful. She mentions all the wonderful things about Luke, including how he has been a surrogate father for Rory and what a dependable man he is. How once he is in your life he isn’t going anywhere and how April would truly benefit from having her father in her life. Plus a whole bunch of other amazing stuff I just cannot remember. This letter gives Luke a look of satisfaction mixed with a little bit of awe, ‘cause you know he isn’t over Mrs. Hayden. That is for sure. The next morning he calls Lorelai bright and early. Yeah she’s a little distracted since she woke up alone and Chris’s vehicle is gone but she tries to sound happy for Luke. That’s right, he got shared custody of April, so our girl will be sticking around. At least one weekend a month, every other holiday and half of the summers anyway. Can I get a WOOT?! Amen. He thanks Lor over and over for the letter and then lets her go. Lor just sits on her bed with a sad look on her face and do I detect a hint of regret as well?

Richard: He’s back doing the teaching thing, and from the looks of it, loving every minute. He gives Rory some advice regarding the Lucy situation and acts like that college professor everyone wishes they had. So its understandable that I was none too happy when the man clutched his left arm and collapsed in front of his first class of the semester. Even worse that Rory was in that class, watching it all unfold. We see Rory rush out of her seat and hear her yell, “Someone call an ambulance” as the show fades to black.

Tune In Next Week: As the ramifications regarding Richard unfold, including a supportive Luke and a still missing Christopher.

Being born and raised amongst the igloos of Canada shaped Whirl’s love of hockey, beer and the warmth of the television screen. Though she refuses to wear spandex she has sworn to use her powers of sarcasm for the greater good of man kind, and disguises herself daily as a mild mannered office clerk. Oh yeah, and she’s not too bad at Trivial Pursuit. Seriously. Seriously.


12 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Recap: “To Whom It May Concern “”

  1. Jo on January 31st, 2007 2:20 pm

    You know except for the knitathon, we haven’t had much Stars Hollow. I miss the zany with a sprinkle of Kirk and Taylor. Meanwhile, I’m glad for the actor’s sake that they wrote in Sookie’s pregnancy but it felt too much like the Norman Mailer episode. *sigh* maybe each Tuesday I’ll just watch a Season Five dvd.

  2. Mandy on January 31st, 2007 3:05 pm

    I have two VCR’s and no TiVo (or cable for that matter) thank you. I actually have to play with these things on my TVs called antennas to make a channel come in. God forbid if I want to tape more than that one channel. It takes me about 5 minutes to get the picture to come in clear. Go ahead, make fun.

  3. TheNextKristin on January 31st, 2007 5:26 pm

    Two VCR’s? I have two VCR’s if you count the old Zenith model in my basement that’s been alive longer than me, has no functioning remote, no timecode so you can know how far into a tape you are, no buttons that stay pushed by themselves (as a child I constantly had the little “fastforward” symbol embedded in my thumb) and doesn’t eject videos properly.
    Thankfully I upgraded about three years ago, when it still ejected videos more or less like it should.

  4. Charlotte on February 1st, 2007 2:06 am

    And we all thought Christopher had matured a little.

  5. Bill on February 1st, 2007 8:54 am

    Ya know what? I live in the midwest, and really no one has TIVOs that I know of. I use my VCR all the time: it works fine. And who needs an extra monthly fee?

  6. Mandy on February 1st, 2007 9:16 am

    I agree Bill. And I have several 8 hour tapes in case I’m busy one week. The only bad part is having to fast forward thru the commercials and making sure the tape is at the end of the show. I actually wish I had a 3rd VCR. I could use it. I guess I’d have to get a 3rd tv too! =)

  7. Sarcasmo on February 1st, 2007 11:27 am

    Apparently an affinity for Gilmore Girls comes with a certain frugality that keeps us from spending our money on new-fangled technology and its mandatory monthly fees. We have two VCR’s at my house too, and they are down to costing only about $30 new, so you can just use ’em up and throw ’em away when they stop working.

    Yay for Luke, boo on Christopher, that’s all I have to say about that. Also, Yikes for Grandpa Gilmore.

  8. Morgan on February 1st, 2007 7:18 pm

    i’m from the midwest and i have tivo! i could never figure out how to tape a show with my vcr so tivo is the best. thing. ever. i can’t help but feel a wee bit of sympathy for christopher in this episode, but luke is starting to grow on me once again. i didn’t like luke last season, but i think he’s coming back to his normal self! loralei definitely still has feelings for him (you can just feel it!)… she is such a good actress!!!

  9. Melissa on February 1st, 2007 7:23 pm

    I just complained about my VCR on my blog! I’m not going to defend it. I’m over it. I asked for TiVo for Christmas, but Santa refuses to indulge my TV addiction. Hater.

    Oh, but about GG–loving Operation Finish Line, feeling deja vu about Sookie’s pregnancy, and completely done and DONE with Christopher.

  10. Charlotte on February 1st, 2007 8:31 pm

    When Lorelai is with Christopher, Luke doesn’t like it. When she’s with Luke, Christopher is jealous. does anyone see a cycle here?

  11. Whirl on February 1st, 2007 11:37 pm

    Where have I been? Thanks for all the VCR support fans but I have to admit I have a Tivo. But when you have two roommates and multiple Tuesday night shows one of them has to give. This is why most Tuesday nights I am found sitting on my bed, laptop in hand and constantly rewinding my tape.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Tivo, but I still enjoy the tried, tested and true…kinda like Luke.

  12. courtney on February 3rd, 2007 11:16 am

    Chris knew he was second choice all along and rushed into a marriage with her? Pathetic. I, for one, never thought he was any more mature than he ever was – he’s still not even focusing on the part of the letter that matters: that someone other than him was there for his own daughter, Rory. What a small, pitiful man. Good riddence.
    This is the first episode I sort of enjoyed all season since it is the beginning of the end of this ridiculous Chris/Lorelai nonsense.
    Bring back the real characters of this and the town.
    Let’s hope these mediocre writers will at least try to do well by this show the rest of what is likely its last season.