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TV Blog Round Up

February 5, 2007 by  

Here’s the latest and greatest from some of my favorite TV blogs. Yeah, I’m officially on vacation (and in between jobs until I start at my new gig on Monday) so excuse my laziness.

Emil VanCamp joins Brothers & SistersEmily VanCamp, whom we know and love as her role as Amy Abbott on Everwood, is ready to start her new gig as Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters (I spent some time catching up on this show this past weekend and I’m hooked). The master of the game, Michael Ausiello, got a chance to chat with Emily about her upcoming role and her days on Everwood. (TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello)

America’s Next Top ModelAmerica’s Next Top Model is once again ready to bring the sexy back (ugh, bad joke…sorry). The cycle 8 season premiere is coming up on February 28th (didn’t this show just end?). Anywho, no one loves this show more than Ducky, and he’s got the low down on who’s in the running to be America’s Next Top Model. (DuckyxDale)

Jenna Fischer and John KrasinskiThe folks over at TV with MeeVee snagged some great red carpet sound bites from the cast of The Office. Want to know what Brian Baumgartner watches on TV or more importantly the future of CRAM (that would be Creed and Pam) then make sure you check it out. One day, I will have the nerve to share the clip from that same night of John Krasinski saying that I’m amazing…yes, it happened, and yes it is my ringtone, and yes I’m a tool for sharing that. (TV with MeeVee).

Oh before I forget, MeeVee is also giving away some Dwight Schrute bobbleheads, so if you do have one, enter to win now (the deadline in Feb 7th)

Patrick Dempsey and wifeMcDreamy and Mrs. McDreamy are now proud parents of twin boys. Darby Galen and Patrick Sullivan were born last Thursday. I was just wondering if they were Irish? Hmmm. The boys join their four year old sister Talula at home. One question. Was it really necessary to make your kid go through life as Darby Dempsey? They didn’t bother to say that out loud a few times before they put it on the birth certificate (People Magazine)

Dakota FanningSNL came through again this week with another hysterical sketch. Amy Poehler as Dakota Fanning was brilliant. Dakota Fanning (and most child actors) creep me out to no end. They are like little intellectual adults stuck in children’s bodies. It’s very disturbing. Ew. Just ew. (The TV Addict)

podcast.jpgFinally, thanks to all of you who checked out the latest GMMR|DuckyxDale podcast. Our audience is growing from week to week and we can’t thank you enough. If you haven’t checked out this week’s podcast, click here to listen. Also, after you listen, head over to our official podcast page on iTunes and leave a review. All that do so between now and our next podcast will have a chance to take something home from the GMMR online store or the DuckyxDale online store.

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4 Responses to “TV Blog Round Up”

  1. Jo on February 5th, 2007 3:31 pm

    SNL was pretty funny this weekend. I always enjoy Drew. That dakota fanning thing was hilarious. i’d love to see Amy find other ways to bring that character back.

  2. duckyxdale on February 5th, 2007 6:35 pm

    Hey gang, I updated my ANTM post to include pics of each model. And I choose my faves based on looks alone. Gotta love a competition that’s based soley on looks and zero talent.

  3. Jen on February 5th, 2007 7:16 pm

    Hey, if John Krasinski said I was amazing, I’d be thrilled to share that with others too. More power to you!

    And I am so happy for Emily VanCamp! Can’t wait!

  4. Mary on February 6th, 2007 3:07 pm

    Glad to hear you’ve gotten on board with Brothers and Sisters. It’s a great show, and has proven to be the first time Calista Flockhart hasn’t bugged the hell out of me.