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Lost is Back TONIGHT

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Lost is FINALLY back tonight, and it’s about damn time. It’s been months since we last saw the Losties, the Tailies, the Others…Sawyer’s shirtless body. There’s a lot of to do around tonight’s big return so let’s get down to it.

Previously on Lost…
If you’re like me you can’t remember much of the last episode of Lost. I remember Kate and Sawyer getting their nasty on (in a cage none the less) and I can remember Jack telling Kate to run. But other than that I’m blanking. Lucky for us, Michelle writes some seriously kickass recaps and can help up to refresh our memories. So check out a recap of the last episode of Lost (from way back in early November)

Lost: The Survival Guide…
survivor_guide.jpg Are you a Lost newbie or uber fan? Either way you should check out ‘Lost: The Survival Guide” which airs tonight at 9/8c. The show is a recap of the series prior to the resumption of its third season. Included: a look at how life on the island has changed and shaped the characters, as well as a review of their backstories. Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse host. I’ve actually seen this recap show and it’s really, really cool…make sure you check it out.

Tonight on Lost…
Episode Title: “Not in Portland” (10/9 c on ABC)
On the operating table, Ben’s life is in Jack’s hands, but the doc’s gambit to free Kate and Sawyer hits a geographical snag. Still, the runaways elude Danny and the other guards, with the help of unlikely allies.

Catching up with the Cast…
Our friends over at MeeVee were able to snag an interview with Lost stars Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin). More interviews are on their way, so keep checking back. Here’s a sneek peek:

Jorge Garcia

Why do you think Hurley is so many fans’ favorite character?
How can you ever really know what someone’s going to respond to? I’m glad they respond to Hurley. I think that he definitely has an everyman quality to him. It’s just that in many ways, he’s like the moment when the audience can relax. Everything’s so intense, and everything’s so scary, and Hurley’s a lot more kind of day-by-day, a little more easygoing.

Is there a big Hurley episode coming up?
Yeah, the fourth episode in, on February 28, is Hurley-centric. I deal with Libby and that whole thing. The thing that’s good is that it does touch on Hurley, because you haven’t really seen him grieve since that initial death. It does come back to that, and it deals with him and his dad. It also has someone playing Hurley as a young boy.

(Jorge Garcia talks with MeeVee: Continue reading)

(Daniel Dae Kim Interview)

Win Free LOST Stuff…
Finally, while you are over at TV with MeeVee reading their interview with Hurley and Jin, make sure you enter their LOST sweepstakes and you might just snag yourself a brand new LOSTtee (get it Lost tee…Lostie…oh forget it). All you have to do is write 100 words or less about your theory on the island. Entering will take 5 minutes, and just think about how many won’t enter because they are lazy or illiterate. See…your chances of winning just shot up. (Click here to enter)

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