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A Little O.C. Trivia…

February 22, 2007 by  

The Series Finale of The OC

As my final O.C. post before the series finale tonight (um, hey have I mentioned it’s the series finale? I feel like I may have overlooked that today) I thought we could have fun with a little O.C. trivia. Are you a true blood Newpsie? You are if you know the answer to the following? (Check back for answers tomorrow)’

(1) Ryan seemed to alway be picking up after Marissa’s mess. But how many times did we actually see Ryan pcik up Marissa and carry her?

(2) Seth and Zach created a popular comic book graphic novel. What was the name of the graphic novel? What were the name of the characters and which O.C. residents were they based on?

(3) Ryan Atwood knew how to throw down? How many fights did Ryan get into since we first met him? Bonus points for knowing who he fought with.

(4) Sandy and Caleb were both named ________Man of the Year

(5) What was the real life name of the Dean that got his “Ugly” on with Taylor at Harbor?

(6) Summer and Ana bonded over their love for The Golden Girls. What GG characters did each relate to?

(7) Our little crew attend the birthday party of a star of The Valley? What was the Valley character’s name, and what is the name of the actor that portrayed him/her?

(8) How many different jobs did Julie Cooper hold during O.C. tenure?

(9) Lindsay was Ryan’s girlfriend, but how was she related to Seth?

(10) What was the name of Kaitlin’s horse that had the alopecia?

(11) What former American Idol contestant made a cameo on The O.C.?

(12) What famous comedy actress portrayed “The Nana”?

(13) How many Chrismukkah’s were celebrated on The O.C.?

(14) What was the name of the novel that focused on Taylor “extracurricular” activities?

(15) What were the name of Seth and Summer’s equine pals? (This one should be cake, or you should not call yourself a fan)

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One Response to “A Little O.C. Trivia…”

  1. Crystal on February 23rd, 2007 3:27 am

    Because I can’t not try and answer these:

    1) I’m thinking 3, “The Pilot,” “The Escape” and “The Graduates”
    2) Atomic County. Ryan=Kid Chino, Seth=The Ironist, Marissa= Cosmo Girl, Summer=Little Miss Vixen
    3) I’ve been told it’s 22. I tried to estimate who and when but my head started to explode a little bit.
    4) Riviera Magazine man of the year
    5) Eric Mabius
    6) Summer was Blanche, Anna was Rose
    7) It was Grady Bridges’ party, and his character on The Valley was Jake Needleman
    8) 3 by my count: CEO of the Newport Group, whatever her title was for the Newport Living magazine, and co-founder of NewMatch (4 if you want to count her prostitution side project at NewMatch, lol)
    9) Lindsay would’ve been Seth’s aunt
    10) China!
    11) Lisa Tucker
    12) Linda Lavin
    13) 4 (albeit one was transformed into a ‘Bar Mitz-vakkuh’ and one was spent in an alternate universe)
    14) “A Season For Peaches”
    15) Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle!

    Am I sad that I only had to seek help on one question (#5 of all things!)? Oh yes.