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Thank You O.C.

February 22, 2007 by  


What an ending!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The only word I can think of is “satisfied”

(and for those of you who don’t watch The O.C…..yes, I’m done talking about it)


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9 Responses to “Thank You O.C.”

  1. kilwiggle7 on February 22nd, 2007 10:36 pm

    that was such a good ending to the show. i was happy with every single ending.. i didn’t cry as much as i did when Dawsons Creek ended, but I definitely teared when Summer gave the locket to Julie and when Seth and Ryan said goodbye…

    Thank you Josh Schwartz… it’s been a good few tv years for me because of your show.. i’m going to miss it!

  2. Psappy on February 22nd, 2007 10:40 pm

    that was a great way to end it. Josh Schwartz, there were times when I didn’t know what you were doing, but in the end all I can say is…thank you.

  3. Brooke on February 22nd, 2007 10:55 pm

    Seriously great ending. I sort of gave up on the show for a while, but tonight’s ending made up for it all. LOVED it.

    Just seriously good TV tonight all the way around.

  4. Murphy on February 22nd, 2007 11:01 pm

    Wow, what an ending! I will surely miss The OC. I remember when the first season started, I was sitting in my dorm anticipating it’s premiere, and what a great ride it was. I think you nailed it: ‘Satisfied’ is the right word. 🙂 Thanks Josh!

  5. Mandy on February 22nd, 2007 11:03 pm

    What an awesome ending! They did a great job wrapping things up. I admit a few tears came rolling down the cheeks. Especially when Ryan was going through the house having flashbacks.

    One question though. Did the look at the wedding between Ryan and Taylor mean they are still together?

  6. superstar5622 on February 22nd, 2007 11:18 pm

    Incredible way to end…I cried…almost too many tears that I couldn’t see what was happening. The last 5 minutes of showing how everyone was doing…amazing. Thank you The OC. I will miss you. =(

  7. hegshmeg on February 23rd, 2007 1:08 am

    i cried the entire time….

    but I can’t believe we still don’t know who the father of theresas baby is! I thought we would find out tonight! 🙁

  8. Sarah on February 23rd, 2007 1:19 am

    Wow. The ending was just…wow. I get a little teary just thinking about it. Did anyone else lose it at the family hug? And Ryan walking through the house was just perfection. Thanks to Josh and the whole gang. I’m gonna miss hanging out in The OC.

  9. Jo on February 23rd, 2007 12:55 pm

    How about that ending! What can you say except well done Josh Schwartz!! Everything truly came together in this episode. It’s wonderful and comforting to know that all of our favorite characters find happiness in the future- thank you so much for an amazing four years with the Cohens/Cooper-Nichols/Atwoods/and Townsends, Mr. Schwartz!!

    p.s. hegshmeg: eddie is the father! we found out in season 3…