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Prison Break Recap: Wash

February 27, 2007 by  


Prison Break Episode Recap

Title: “Wash”
Original Airdate: Feb, 26, 2007
GMMR Recapper: Michelle

Quick and dirty, like they like it in prison. Let’s do a roll call by character and see what’s up with the associates of Fox River:

Michael, Lincoln and Sara
Linc calls LJ, who is being cared for by Jane Phillips, the blond co-worker of his dad. The phone call isn’t full of warm fuzzies, though, as LJ tells his dad that he just wants to stay where he is, continue going to school, and have a normal life (I feel bad for Linc, but can you blame the kid? I mean, consider his life thus far).

Michael, Sara, and a pretty despondent Lincoln listen to the USB recording, and in a really cheap shot, they hear what’s on it but WE don’t hear what’s on it. They decide collectively that they need to get THIS MYSTERY INFORMATION into the hands of someone in the government. Linc is obviously less than thrilled about handing over the one piece of real evidence that might exonerate him, but they have no choice.

They decide to involve Cooper Green, who was a confidant of their dad. They set up a meeting in a nearby park, and Linc, watching Cooper through binoculars, makes the guy jump through more hoops, figuratively speaking, than a circus tiger. Suspicious that he may be being followed (which we learn, shortly, to be totally true), Linc makes the guy take off his suit jacket, take a swim in a public fountain (to drown any potential listening bugs), and take a trip down a labyrinth of an underground tunnel to meet Michael.

But wait! SARA, after visiting her dad’s grave and bumping into Bruce (you know – the family friend who tried to have her killed at that pay phone way back in the fall) and realizing Bruce is apparently a good guy, gets a chance to meet Cooper Green. AND IT’S NOT THE GUY MICHAEL IS TALKING TO RIGHT NOW! A frantic Sara calls Linc and warns him that Michael is with an imposter. But our Michael is a smart cookie, and he smelled something foul anyway. He nonchalantly quizzes Cooper Green about the guy’s asthma meds and trips him up when he asks for the name of a medicine. The Fake Green gives him the wrong name, and apparently this red flag gives Michael the guts to punch him out just as Linc shows up.

Turns out, not surprisingly, that Kim was in on this, too, and Mahone shows up just in time to realize that the brothers escaped. How do they elude the dozens of police that Kim claims have surrounded the building to capture them? Who knows? Do you care? Is it important? Are you surprised? Anyhoo, they go meet with Sara and the real Cooper Green to listen to the information on the tape. Turns out it’s some conversation involving Terrence Steadman and President Reynolds – taped well after Steadman’s “death” at the hand of Lincoln, which proves that Linc didn’t kill him. Alas, the recording has no date stamp to prove when it was recorded, so it’s legally useless. Good thing Mr. Green is not all about the weak-armed “law,” and he very cautiously advises the brothers that they may be able to use it to blackmail the President so she’ll agree to a Presidential Pardon for the brothers. This is, honestly, where I felt it has all been leading. How else would the brothers be able to escape going back to prison for all of the crimes they’ve committed since escaping from prison to clear Linc’s name? (I know that’s full of irony and the sentence seems convoluted, but work with me. It’s true, I promise).

C-Note, Bellick and Mahone
C-Note has agreed to help Mahone try to find Michael by communicating with him through the web page they’ve set up. This is all fine and dandy until Mahone thinks he has Michael all but captured during the meeting with the fake Cooper Green, and then he realizes he doesn’t need C-Note anymore. Mr. Kim wants C-Note dead and tells Mahone so. In a pretty tough scene, Mahone tells C-Note that he’s a good father and good family man, and that he would have made all of the decisions C-Note did if he were in his place (little consolation, since we know Mahone is a cold-blooded killer, but anyway…). He tells C-Note that he’ll be delivering something to his cell later that day, and if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll use it, or he’ll have his wife re-arrested and stop medical treatment for his daughter. Harsh. Last we see, C-Note is slipping the delivered noose around his neck and diving from his bunk (I think Mahone will step in at the last minute and save him, because let’s not forget that he DOESN’T have Michael yet, so he still needs him). Meanwhile, Bellick demands his money from Mahone for “capturing” Haywire. Mahone gives him the “all in good time” speech and asks him to find Sucre (more on him later). Bellick bribes Sucre’s Fat Laundry Boy cousin in Fox River to tell him where Sucre is (in Fat Laundry Guy’s defense, Bellick did offer to have him transferred to a minimum-security place with a plasma TV. What’s a guy to do?). When we last see Bellick he’s on the same plane, unknowingly, as T-Bag. How did T-Bag get there, you ask? Let me tell you…

T-Bag tells his tearful story of being a “penny on the railroad track of life” to a shrink. I really believe that T-Bag is looking for redemption, confessing his sins, and trying to straighten out (which I don’t believe he can, but I think he can try). Alas, the only reason he visited the shrink is because he saw the guy’s picture on the back of the bus and thought his physical resemblance to the doctor was uncanny. And he needed a new identity. So T-Bag beats the doctor to death (apparently) with a piece of the modern art from his office and buys an airplane ticket to Bangkok (guess he’s still trying to get that hand fixed) with stopovers in Chicago and Mexico. That can’t be good. So he checks his bag of money (also not good, I’d think) and boards the plane with Bellick, each oblivious to the other’s presence.

Meanwhile, Sucre is in Mexico with Maricruz at his aunt’s house. Maricruz is pregnant, and Sucre, in the obligatory scene, talks to her belly while they’re in bed (they’re cute, but pointless right now, and I have to believe this storyline is going somewhere else. Please let it get there quickly. Will his aunt turn him in? Hell, will Maricruz turn him in?).

He buys a gun from a guy on the street (akin to buying “extra” steaks from the back of some guy’s truck, I say), then promptly shoots the gun dealer. He visits his long-lost sister and apologizes for leaving her behind with their crazy mother and emotionally-distant father before he tells her he no longer knows right from wrong. We last see him at the President’s Chicago stopover, where he kills a Secret Service agent and waits. Methinks Kellerman is obsessed with President Reynolds, and this can only end badly.

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7 Responses to “Prison Break Recap: Wash”

  1. Mannie on February 27th, 2007 9:49 am

    Who played Kellerman’s sister? She looks SO familiar, but I can’t place her.

    Also, I don’t remember Linc leaving LJ with someone. I guess I just forgot about that. So much goes on in this show it’s easy to forget things sometimes.

    I thought this episode was great. I don’t think Mahone will be the one to save C-note because he is at the hotel and C-note is in the prison cell. Maybe they were different times, you never know with this show. I wish Mahone would hurry and switch sides. I hope Kellerman doesn’t kill President Reynolds before she pardons the brothers, but you know he will.

    I went to that website and it’s actually pretty fun to try to guess which people are which.

  2. Michelle on February 27th, 2007 11:16 am

    Mannie –

    I totally forgot about LJ being with someone, too. In fact, last week sometime I was wondering about him (as in, “Where is LJ, anyway?”). I didn’t recognize the actress who played Kellerman’s sister. I feel bad she has such a bad seed of a brother, though :-).

  3. mg714 on February 27th, 2007 2:04 pm

    I’m not sure what it is, but I really have not been able to get back into Prison Break since it’s return last month and unfortunatey don’t look forward to it as much as I used to. As much as I like Robert Knepper as an actor, I really don’t get his role in all this anymore, but perhaps we’ll see it soon. Also, I nearly forgot about Bellick as well and I don’t really care about Sucre and Maricruz that much. I like C-note but also didn’t really care about his storyline as well.

    I still watch the show because I really want to see the resolution to the whole government conspiracy/prove Linc innocent storyline (and to see Wentworth of course 😉 ) but I really wonder what they could do in a 3rd season to make it interesting, especially if they are going to resolve the Linc storyline by the end of this season?

  4. Mannie on February 27th, 2007 4:04 pm

    Linc’s storyline probably won’t be resolved this season because I believe Kellerman will kill President Reynolds now that they need her. I don’t know what they could do with a third season either because they keep killing off the characters when you start to like them.

  5. E.Doran on February 27th, 2007 4:12 pm

    VERY cheap shot, I completely agree with you! I didn’t appreciate being kept out of the loop like that. 😛
    Actually for a couple seconds there at the beginning of the ep, I was stuck between LMAO and panicking because I thought that there was NOTHING playing on the friggin USB!! Like… all static noise or something! Can you imagine?!

  6. bb on March 1st, 2007 1:44 pm

    Thanks for the update. I missed the episode and forgot to turn on the recorder.

  7. laura on December 29th, 2014 2:42 pm

    Linc told Not-Cooper Green that he was making him walk through a tunnel that goes underground, so he was in a different building when he met Michael. That’s why both managed to walk away without the police capturing them.