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American Idols – Top 8 Boys Sing It…or Try To

March 7, 2007 by  

Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers of American Idol

This was me “live” blogging American Idol last night. Again the “live” part is called into question since I’m on the West Coast and technically watching the show 3 hours after my homies did on the East Coast. And since I’m posting it the morning after…well, again I’m liberal with my use of the word “live”.

On we go…

Time to settle in for America’s most watched TV show. I wonder what Dunkelman’s doing tonight. Here comes Ryan Seacrest to welcome us all. He gets more dramatic with every show, but damn I love his style. If Timberlake can bring sexy back, the least Seacrest could do would be to bring “Seacrest Out” back. It would make me happy.

A big Idol event on Thursday. I’ve heard a rumor that it could be that we get to vote by computer. If that’s the BIG event then that’s lame. A big event is a Justin/Britney reunion on air. Or Christina Aguilera showing up and declaring that Antonella Barba is the girl to beat. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

First up…

Blake Lewis – Oh no, he’s a comedian…I’m not sure if I like this about him. But I do love his hair. He sounds like he’s ready to go out and record a CD already. He looks pretty comfortable on stage. Is this the song that Chris Richardson sang last week? Oops, no, I guess it’s 311. I really don’t know of them other than my friend McCabe was really into them in college. I really like the way he brings in his beat boxing talents to make the song his own. This guys has got IT. I think he’s going to be around until the very end. The judges are liking him for his individuality, and I definitely agree.

Sanjaya (I don’t recall his last name and I’m not going to bother to look it up since if there is any justice in this world he will be gone this week) – I’m sorry is this a guy or a 15 year old girl? Oh no, he’s butchering John Mayer. Please just stop. Somewhere John Mayer is cringing BIG TIME. He’s on the record as hating Idol. This guys really sucks. With a performance like this one, I wonder if they saw ANY talent Hollywood Week, because if this is the level of talent that got through I can’t imagine the rubbish they sent away.

Sundance Head – Sundance is taking on Pearl Jam. The band doesn’t seems strong enough behind him and the song comes off weak. Oh and it doesn’t help that he’s sharp as all sin throughout the performance. There’s a certain haunting behind PJ’s “Jeremy” that was missing. He tried to make the song into something it’s not. I didn’t really like it. Paula and Randy liked it, and Simon didn’t. Yeah, I’m with you Cowell.

Commercial break and my time to share that it sucks to watch this show without TiVo and the beauty of the fast forward button.

Chris Richardson – What are we surprised to learn about Chris? He was heavier in college during his football days. Actually I’m surprised to learn he’s out of college. Looks like it’s ok to for me to crush on my little Bradley Cooper-Timberlake. Good things he’s got the looks because his voice is a little off tonight. His voice is always a little shallow which he can usually get away with because of his song choices. But for this Keith Urban song he should have more depth behind it. Randy and Paula loved it. Simon likes him and thinks he sold it although Simon wasn’t blown away by his performance.

Four down and four to go and Blake still has the lead.

Jared Cotter – I know a guy named Cotter, but I don’t think you’re related. Oh well. He has a sweet and soulful voice. I wish he weren’t singing a Stevie song. I wish Idol would ban Stevie all together. I think the song was pretty safe as Simon always says. A song like this against the 311 song that Blake sang aren’t even in the same category. That’s not a knock against Stevie. Randy is a happy judge tonight. Paula actually had some interesting comments about adding some flavor to his performance. Yes, an actual constructive comment from Paula. Sorry I need a minute to collect myself. Simon thought it was a little generic. It’s like I’m in his ear piece feeding him my comments. LOL.

Brandon Rogers – We learn tonight that Brandon is a classical piano player. He’s got that music in him. I think this guy has got a great voice. So far this guy is 2nd to Blake in overall performance. I didn’t love the song. I thought it was a litle one note and didn’t showcase his amazing voice as much as it could have, but he did whatever he could do with the song. Randy thought it was solid. WOW!! Ok it’s scary how much I am in sync with Simon tonight. He thought the song was a little to bland.

Phil Stacey – Phil does NOT know how to start a song. He has got to get over that because he has a really great voice. When he gets in mid-range he really knows how to hit it. “I Need You” be Leann Rimes was not the best song choice because not enough of the song was in the good part of his voice. He had some issues with hitting some of the high notes tonight. And to be honest he looked scared sh!&less. Yikes…Paula and I shared the same thoughts about his performance. Scary. Simon was disappointed.

Chris Sligh – I hope Phil was taking notes, because unlike his performance Chris started off this song strong and got right into it without wasting much time. I’ll say this – I prefer Chris’s performances when I look away from the TV. And not, it’s not the hair, but his lack of stage presence. The way he dances around the stage takes away from his performance for me. But I will say this…the kid can sing. I think he’s a solid talent and probably was the best singer tonight, but only because of Brandon Rogers’ song choice. Randy thought it was ok, Paula wasn’t thrilled, nor was Simon but he thinks pretty highly of Chris and thinks he’ll make it further.

That’s it for the guys. Blake Lewis is the leading contender, and it’s not that his voice is amazing as much as it is he has the whole package and knows how to sell himself and the song. Yeah, the guys really aren’t doing it for me this season. I feel a lack of excitement with their performances. By this point in the competition they should all be fighting to out-sing and outperform each other, but I get a sense they are just struggling to live another week.

The guys to watch…
Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers!! Following close behind are Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey (but only in the middle of his songs) and probably Chris Sligh.

The ladies are up tomorrow night. My predictions? Melinda and Lakisha are going to be stellar and Antonella is going to blow (waaaaaaaay to easy)!!



3 Responses to “American Idols – Top 8 Boys Sing It…or Try To”

  1. duckyxdale on March 7th, 2007 12:42 pm

    Dont be stealing my Antonella schtick! HAHA

    I cannot believe you put Brandon Rogers and Phil Stacey in the Top 4. Kath, the salt air and smog on that west coast is ruining your mind. Come back home.

  2. Kismet on March 7th, 2007 1:15 pm

    I really can’t stand that Phil Stacey guy. He was totally off-key last night. And what’s with his secret being that he used to have hair? What a breakthough. Geesh.

    They really need to do something because Idol hasn’t grabbed me AT ALL this season… And this is from a person whose watched this show religiously since season 1.

  3. coloradokila on March 7th, 2007 2:24 pm

    GMMR – for the most part, I agree with ya.

    Blake was the best last night.
    Followed by Brandon, Jared and Chris S.
    But I do like the cutey that is Chris R.

    Where are the stellar break out performances, where is the fire? So damn boring, so blah, so unmemorable (as Simon always says).

    If there is justice Sanjaya should not make it through, on the boys side or the girls side – which ever one he is on. 🙂 Sorry kid, don’t want to be mean, but you are “way out of your league” – and not in the Jennifer Hudson kind of way.