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Battlestar Galactica Recap: Crossroads Part 2 (Season 3 Finale)

March 26, 2007 by  

Battlestar Galactica Recaps

Title: “Crossroads part 2”
Original Airdate: Sunday, March 25, 2007
GMMR Recapper: Jo

Before we get started I wanted to take a minute to thank Jo for all her wonderful recaps this season. Week in and week out, I always looked forward to reading your take on what went down on Caprica (both old and New) as well as the Galactica. Based on the comments – I know others appreciated it too. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I hope you’ll be back in 2008 (really…we have to wait that long?!)


Previously, Gaeta found a nebula that will lead them to Earth. Anders, Tigh and Tory were all hearing things. Baltar’s trial brought out the crazies, hurt feelings and old wounds.

Adama shaves. When the lights flicker, he cuts himself. Roslin calls on the phone. She asks him to yell at her to get out of bed. They are too cute. He yells twice before she giggles and decides to start her day.

What sounds like snoring is actually Tyrol humming. The same tune that’s haunting Tigh, Anders and Tory. Which makes FOUR of the resistance leaders tripping out. Speaking of Anders and Tory, they’re getting to know each other. You know, in a lock room unclothed way. Seelix knocks and then is ticked about Anders. Honey, get in line. Tyrol wanders down the hall listening to the music.

Defense meeting. Apollo suggests motioning for a mistrial. He tells Badger that Adama called Baltar a traitor and didn’t deserve a trial. Baltar is livid because he doesn’t want to go through another trial. Apollo quotes from his grandfather’s book about their chances of winning the second trial.

Deck. Racetrack lectures the nuggets on Raptors. Except Anders hears Tyrol humming the Trippy Tune. He mentions to the Chief that he hears it too. They agree it’s like a phantom memory like from childhood. They can hear only part of it, stuck in their head.
Roslin gets a dose of cancer meds from Cottle. She relives her dream about Hera and Sharon from the Opera House (from last week’s episode) except this time, Six picks up Hera and carries her to Baltar. Roslin screams at the same time as Sharon. So Sharon and Roslin confront Caprica Six. All three women are freaked by this vision.

Tigh tells Adama about the Trippy Tune. Adama gives his usual “I want to believe you because you’re my oldest friend but could it just be the booze talking” response to Tigh.

On the stand, Gaeta point blank lies about Baltar signing the death warrant. Baltar loudly objects and the courtroom gets fidgety. Badger calls for a mistrial because of Adama’s comments to Lee. Badger calls a furious Lee to the stand. Lee shouldn’t be allowed to testify, but if we’re really going to be sticklers for law, Bill Adama shouldn’t be a judge either. Badger gets Lee all wound up and Lee goes on a five minute monologue about how everyone gets forgiveness, no matter what the sin. (Um, welcome to Battlestar Galactica, Lee. Are you just now realizing this?) Except now the fleet needs a scapegoat to carry their guilt and shame. Roslin and I look at Lee in that fancy suit with all his pretty words and what are the chances he’ll be the next President? That would be interesting with his father still as Admiral. With a 3-2 vote, Baltar is not guilty. I’m not shocked because Baltar’s an integral part of the show and they can’t airlock him. But the crowd goes crazy over the verdict and marines usher everyone out of the courtroom. Baltar asks Badger to become his book agent, but Badger has other plans. Badger and Lee walk away leaving Gaius Baltar to realize the only fate worse than death is to be left all alone in the fleet with no friends, no purpose and no where to go.

A fumming Roslin rants to her man. She realizes he was a vote of Not Guilty and you can’t tell if she wants to slap or kiss him or both. Gaeta prepares the big jump. Baltar walks a lonely path through the halls. The fleet appears near the nebula. The camera makes a big “Veronica Realizes the Killer is!” jump to Roslin before the power goes out. All over the fleet, no power. Except the Trippy Tune plays on.

Women from of the Temple of Baltar grab him in the hall and take him to his “new life”. Caprica Six goes back to the Opera house with Baltar and Hera. She turns around and see five white clothed figures. The Final Five.

Galactica’s going crazy with the power outage. But not as crazy as the Trippy Tune gets louder. Tyrol can’t ignore it. “There must be some kind of way out of here,” he says. Neither can Tigh. “Said the joker to the theif,” Tigh adds. Anders responds, “There’s too much confusion here.” Tory pukes then says, “I can’t get no relief.” The Trippy Tune swells as the Four wander the Galactica halls. (According to the end credits, the song is Bob Dylan’s “All the Along the Watchtower”.) The four meet in a room and progressively freak out.

“This isn’t happening. Please tell me this isn’t happening,” says Tory.
“After all this time, a switch goes off, just…like that,” says Tyrol.
“Whoa,” says Tigh.
Anders doesn’t believe it. No one wants to say it. Tory hums the Trippy Tune with Anders in harmony. Tigh blows his top. Forty years in the service, two wars, combat, New Caprica prison, Ellen. Anders is still in denial.

The Chief is calm. “We’re Cylons. And we have been from the start.”

The power comes back on for every ship. Just in time for the entire Cylon fleet to show up. Gaeta sends the alert. The FOUR CYLONS wonder what to do. Tigh decides that he’s an officer in the Colonial Fleet and if he dies, that’s the man he’s going to be. They all go back to their former lives, now with a Trippy new Themesong. Chief to the deck, barking out orders. Anders watching on the side. Tigh to CIC and Tory by Roslin’s side.

Apollo grabs his gear and launches in a Viper. He spots a bogey and goes to find it. But the ship jumps around in and out, giving Apollo a run for the money. The other ship, a Viper, pulls up beside him. It’s STARBUCK. She tells him it’s going to be okay. “I’ve been to Earth. I know where it is and I’m going to take us there.” The camera flies away from the fleet, through the solar system and comes out on the other side to show us Earth.

Jo’s thoughts: I am so. Confused. I don’t even know where to start my confused thoughts so they may not be in order. First off, I knew last week something was up with the Four and I wasn’t shocked by them being Cylons. I was more shocked by all four being revealed at once. Also, is Starbuck really number five? OR Did Apollo see the Raider blow up and Kara’s ship got away unharmed, leaving a path for her NOT to be a Cylon?? (I still can’t come to terms with Starbuck the Cylon. I’ll take whatever I can get.)

MEANWHILE, how, why, how, why are the Four Resistance leaders the Cylons?! How does that make any sense at all? Are the Cylons using the humans to find Earth? So they set up Resistance leaders to make them more determined to find Earth? After all, the Fleet voted Baltar President on the campaign promise that they could stop the search and settle down on the planet.

Back to FOUR NEW CYLONS: Tory, eh okay fine. Anders, aw sadness, unless Kara is a cylon too. Tigh, what?! What?! After all that?! Chief Tyrol, finally making some sense. Remember season one when he went all psycho and thought he could be a cylon and tried to jump off the deck and went nutso and beat the snot out of Callie? That finally makes sense. I’m eager to hear what all ya’ll think because me, I’m going to having some Trippy Nightmares about this ending until wait, what 2008?! Are you kidding me?!

(from GMMR…) I jumped online last night right now just minutes after I finished watching the season finale. If you left a comment last night, I transferred it to this post this morning. Here’s what I posted. I am so frakkin’ glad that my apartment has really thick walls because I just about screamed for the past half hour straight. HOLY FRAK did anyone else just watch the season finale of Battlestar Galactica? I wish it wasn’t midnight because I really need to call Ducky right now. Am I dreaming? Is Lee? Holy FRAK!!!

Jo’s full recap will be up tomorrow and I can’t wait to read it. I’m going to have to watch this one again tomorrow because I’m not really sure I saw what I just saw.



10 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Recap: Crossroads Part 2 (Season 3 Finale)”

  1. Jo on March 26th, 2007 6:23 am

    I’m stunned. to say the least.

  2. ShutUpRob on March 26th, 2007 6:24 am

    Apparently, the Cylons are fans of Bob Dylan?

    Also, whoa — looks like there’s at the very least more than one Cylon-Human Hybrid in the fleet besides Hera.

    And, oooooooooo, EVERYBODY knew that Starbuck was going to be back (if they were paying attention), I just think they whammied us with the sharpest right-hand turn on television, well, since Lorelai broke up with Luke and then boinked Christopher.

    — Rob

  3. Carli on March 26th, 2007 6:25 am

    I’m so giddy right now! That was an INTENSE last 15 minutes!! And then the awful coming back in 2008 came across my screen. D@mn that’s a long time.

  4. Jo on March 26th, 2007 8:22 am

    As soon as I got in bed last night it hit me what Tory, Tigh, Anders and Tyrol all have in common besides the Resistance. They are all in major supporting roles in the fleet. Tory is Roslin’s second hand. Tigh to Adama. Anders to Kara and Tyrol to Galactica itself.

    I don’t know what that means necessarily, but I’m stoked we get 22 episodes and a 2 hour movie. I guess the sharp turn the story took wasn’t as jaw dropping to me as One Year Later from last year, but this is a much bigger “Now what?!”.

  5. G-man on March 27th, 2007 11:11 pm

    “With a 3-2 vote, Baltar is not guilty.”

    That is what the chairwoman of the THREE judge panel said when announcing the verdict.

    Didn’t anyone notice that there were THREE, NOT FIVE judges? When the verdict was discussed later in the show, it was spoken of as a “two to one” verdict, in which Admiral Adama was the swing vote.

    I can’t imagine how the editors allowed that one to get by.

  6. George on August 23rd, 2007 3:48 am

    I’ve just had a vision of who the 5th cylon is! And I think I know why they are doing a backstory on the Pegasus… The 5th Cylon is Admiral Cain!!! She’s not dead! she’s resurected, and will play an important roll in 2008!

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