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Movin’ on Up to the East Side…

March 28, 2007 by  


Ok maybe I’m not heading into a deluxe apartment in the sky but I did move into a new apartment yesterday. In case you are thinking about moving – don’t. It’s a horrible and exhausting experience even if you had fabulous movers like I did. The whole day sucked (except of course when I got flowers delivered from Ducky. How CUTE is he?!)

But the move is the reason that GMMR was quiet yesterday and will be for some of today. See I have priorities and planned ahead by insisting that my TV and internet be set up yesterday. Unfortunately there were some installation issues and the guy won’t be coming back until later today (between 11-5…they do make it convenient don’t they).  I missed American Idol House – everything, but I did get in some reading (it’s highly overrated). I’m at Starbucks right now blogging – I’m such a cliche. Ha ha.

As soon as I can get back online I’ll be sure be back to posting. Meanwhile, I’m going to leave you in the capable hands of my best blogging buddies. And as always, if you come across some interesting TV news, make sure you drop me a line and let me know all about it.

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Search Slacking…
If you are really looking to procrastinate, you should do what I do when I’m slacking and use the search box below to look for your favorite celebs or TV shows online.  WARNING – it can be addictive. Just enter a name and use the “On TV” button to find out upcoming TV appearances for that celeb or show. Use the “On Video” button to look for videos of that celeb or show online from sources such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Veoh et cetera (Community Video) as well vids directly from the networks (Network Video).  I think it’s a cool tool and I’ve been using it on GMMR for some time now, but I just realized I really never told you what it does. Try it out…if you like it then I’ll keep using it. If you don’t like it, let me know about that too.


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One Response to “Movin’ on Up to the East Side…”

  1. emily on March 28th, 2007 11:11 pm

    I’m moving Sunday! I hate moving, but love my new apartment. So it’s win-lose, not the best solution!

    Anyway, many happy thoughts while you unpack.