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24 Recap: “11:00 – 12:00am”

April 17, 2007 by  

Title: 11:00 – 12:00am
Original Airdate: 4/16/07
GMMR Recapper: LaLa

So, what was my under-whelming feeling after watching this episode? Here we go again. Yes, after last week’s kick-ass episode, where so many things happened that you wanted to see happen but didn’t dare hope would happen, this episode felt like a stale repeat of so many things that you’ve seen happen a million times before and hoped not to see happen anymore. Like Jack having to go rogue and do something completely irrational and illegal – and of course, he only has one hour to do it. Like Jack calling Chloe covertly, and guilt tripping her with the old “Chloe, just do it” line to do something that would seriously jeopardize her job (and of course, he gives her nothing in return for her troubles). Like Wayne Palmer collapsing into a coma, thus allowing Demon Daniels to take permanent control of the White House and immediately make bad choices. Like Audrey Raines. Like Jack hurting good people and risking innocent lives and international security (namely with Russia and China) just in order to save annoying Audrey’s life.
Sigh. I know 24 is trying to build Audrey up as Jack’s great love, and I know that she stupidly risked her life in order to find Jack in China, but seriously… is Audrey really worth all of this? I mean, let’s think about this – let’s examine Jack and Audrey’s relationship.

Season 4: Jack and Audrey are having a love affair during her separation from her British husband. Then said husband inexplicably shows up on a big terrorist attack day and wants to get back together with her. Much torturing of said husband ensues because Jack doesn’t trust him. Then Audrey, after nagging and yelling foul things at Jack, decides to leave Jack and go back to her husband. Then her husband dies because Jack forces the only doctor at CTU (I guess they were short on money…) to save the terrorist’s life instead of Audrey’s husband. Finally, at the end of the day/season, Audrey bitterly tells off Jack, and says she never wants to see him again. Then Jack fakes his death and goes into hiding, which makes Audrey inexplicably upset.

Season 5: Jack hasn’t seen Audrey in almost 2 years, and has been living with a nice woman and her son. But when he is reunited with Audrey after stopping a bunch of terrorists, he drops the nice woman to go back to Audrey, who has strangely decided she wants to be with Jack again. During the rest of the day, Audrey is at least helpful to Jack and mostly doesn’t nag him – but of course, he has to compromise national security and let the terrorists get away several times in order to save her. Then at the end of the day/season, Jack gets kidnapped by the Chinese and thus goes missing for 2 years.

So really, in the past, oh, 4 years, Jack and Audrey have spent very little time together. They don’t actually have much of a relationship. And so I ask you dear readers – all 5 of you – is Audrey really worth all this???

Personally, I don’t think so. I think the producers should have just let her stay dead. And I also think they should have ended the show last week, and just renamed this season “16” since that is how many hours it took to defeat the terrorists. Sorry, but I really think that this show is running out of gas and having a really hard time sustaining the story for 24 hours. Honestly, as sad as this may sound, I’m really thinking that this season should be its last on TV. However, I do still love me some Jack Bauer. So here’s hoping then that the show does in fact end its run on TV sooner rather than later, because then we can finally get that 2 hour big-screen movie they’ve been promising. Now THAT would be awesome.

LaLa is a writer who currently resides in LaLa Land, aka Los Angeles. LaLa also likes to sing. LaLa also knows some lawyers in a law office. LaLa is also prone to making bad jokes, like this one. And of course, LaLa also loves her some quality television shows with quality actors on them, like House… and The Office… and 24… and, well, pretty much any smartly written show that doesn’t include a fat guy with a hot skinny wife or the words “two and a half men” in the title.


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7 Responses to “24 Recap: “11:00 – 12:00am””

  1. Clare on April 17th, 2007 4:26 pm

    Nice recap LaLa.
    Yeah… not my fave episode either. Good, but it was feelin a little been there done that for me. I do love it when Jack goes rogue though… like to see where that’s gonna go.
    And Audrey, is she worth it? Well now I’m a sucker for romance on TV and was happy to see she was still alive. I think Jack really deserves to be happy but after reading your relationship run down on those two… ha ha, I was stunned. It seemed so much more romantic I my head. I also think half this battle for Jack is getting a little payback in on his Chinese captors… I bet he was going after them with or without the Audrey development. And I see another “Damn, Jack…” moment coming when he does. He’s a different guy this season.

  2. Becky (other Becky) on April 17th, 2007 4:48 pm

    I don’t always leave a reply but I was excited to be one of the five readers 🙂

    I thought the episode was ok. This is my first season of 24 so I wasn’t really sure what had gone on with Jack and Audrey. The music on this show makes me nervous so I spend the whole time wanting to change the channel. And I think well they defeated the terrorist you can just stop watching but after investing 16 hrs in it that just seems crazy.

    I thought it was nice to see Jack get a shot for the pain that he must be in.

    I still can’t figure out Doyle.

  3. Jake on April 18th, 2007 12:54 am

    LaLa, you have so little faith! Of course they go back to predictable, annoying plot twists (see your review from 2 weeks ago), just so they can totally stun you in the end with a brilliant, unexpected resolution (see your review from last week). Just give it a little time…like another 6 or 7 hours. It will be worth it to see the Chinese captors get theirs.

  4. Mr. Billiam on April 18th, 2007 9:25 am

    One of the biggest problems with this season is that it comes immediately after last season, which was amazing.
    So far this season has started really great for the first four hours, had one great ep last week, and otherwise been average.
    Oh, and even if Audrey isn’t perfect, I really hope Jack doesn’t get with his brother’s widow. Cuz I find that creepy.

  5. Casey on April 18th, 2007 10:46 am

    Oohh I get to be reader number five! I also was a little let down this week after last weeks amazing episode..but I think that there will be a good storyline to come with Karen and Tom to find a way to get Daniels out of office. I’m thinking maybe something with the recording they keep mentioning. Perhaps an *accidental* leak to the media? On the Audrey storyline..I would like to see Jack with her just because it would make him happy, but jack is so much more fun when he is a bad-ass. I do like the fact that the evil Chinese people keep popping up and I can’t wait until they die in a painful jack Bauer-inflicted death!

  6. Kris on April 18th, 2007 3:26 pm

    Another great recap =)

    When Wayne asked for Demon Daniels’ resignation, i KNEW that it wasn’t over for Daniels. It was only a matter of time until Wayne would be out of commission. Daniels’ is going to be the one that makes the rest of this season interesting. He’s so…evil.

    I, like Becky, still can’t figure Doyle out, either. One moment i think he’s bad then another he does something good–so his character is still a little confusing at times.

    I don’t really care about the whole Audrey/Jack angle, but i DO want to see Jack get revenge against the Chinese, so hopefully that will happen.

    I haven’t given up faith on 24, yet. I think it will still end up being a good season. Like Jake said, they’ll probably surprise us again. We’ll see.

  7. mike on January 18th, 2009 4:07 am

    3Zsyop hi! how you doin?