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House Recap: House Training

April 25, 2007 by  

House MD

Title: House Training
Original Airdate: April 24, 2007
GMMR Recapper: LaLa

Wow. Ask and ye shall receive. I know this is silly, but seriously, just ONE WEEK after I wrote in my column that I really like Foreman and I really wish they’d develop his character more, lo and behold! we get a beautiful, Foreman-centric episode that does just that!! Of course…there is the fact that they film these episodes weeks to months in advance, so I guess I can’t “technically” take credit for convincing them to do a Foreman-centric episode in just a week. But still…it was awesome. And hey, you never know, maybe I’m just psychic. In that case: I predict that House will finally convince Cuddy to date him, Cameron will continue to be a cold-hearted dumb slut, sweet-natured Chase will still pursue Cameron despite that fact, Foreman will remain awesome, and Wilson… well, Wilson will still be a good foil for House, no matter what happens to his story.

But anyway, getting back to Foreman, it was really great to see his character developed further beyond the usual raised eyebrows and eye rolls at House’s behavior that he is usually reduced to. Tonight, we saw how he tries to distance himself from his parents, especially his sweet mother who is slowly losing her memory, which is obviously painful for Foreman to be around. And even though it’s been briefly discussed in previous episodes, we really saw tonight how ashamed he is of his criminal past, and how angry he is at other poverty-stricken minorities who don’t try to rise above their situations, like he eventually did.

This fact was nicely brought to the light by his contentious relationship with the patient of the week, a con woman suffering from an illness that would occasionally freeze her brain and take away her ability to make decisions. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one before. (those House writers sure do find the strangest diseases…) In the end, her illness turned out to be a simple Staph infection that was caused because her bra strap cut her back and thus left an opening for the infection to get in. Wow. Can’t say I’ve ever worried about THAT happening before. But of course, now I totally do!

Well, regardless, for once, the House Team did NOT figure out the illness in time, and so they radiated the woman because they thought she had cancer – which, tragically, destroyed her immune system and thus allowed the “simple” infection to kill her. Yikes! That was a pretty horrible mistake, guys, sheesh! (Note to self: do NOT ever let doctors radiate me unless they are 100% positive I have cancer!!!) Of course, Foreman felt absolutely wretched about basically killing this woman (albeit, accidentally). In the end, he had some really nice scenes with the woman, as he insisted on staying in her room with her until she died, and even saved her from House needlessly inflicting painful tests on her while she was still living. Like I said last week: You go, Foreman. You’re the man.

As for the rest of the episode? Well, Chase informed Cameron that he was available tonight, and after she coldly rebuffed him, simply stated that he planned to “gently remind her” every Tuesday that he’s available that night to see her. Seriously, Cameron, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?! Chase is sweet, sensitive, smart, incredibly hot, and in love with you – get over House, already!! [*sighs with frustration*] It’s stupid slutty chicks like Cameron that give women a bad name, I’m telling you. Chase deserves better.

Speaking of House, the man could not have Cameron further from his mind as he is now beyond obsessed with Cuddy. He’s so possessive of her, that he went so far as to pretend to be shopping for a condo just so he could pump Wilson’s ex-wife #2 for information about Wilson’s dating style (because, of course, Cuddy had turned House’s offer to take her to a play in order to go out with Wilson instead). I liked how Cuddy insisted to House that she was only spending time with Wilson because he was “safe” – and then of course, House’s response was, “I’m not safe? Cool!” Wow. How Junior-High of a response was that? But of course, we all always knew that House was just a little boy inside, didn’t we?

LaLa is a writer who currently resides in LaLa Land, aka Los Angeles. LaLa also likes to sing. LaLa also knows some lawyers in a law office. LaLa is also prone to making bad jokes, like this one. And of course, LaLa also loves her some quality television shows with quality actors on them, like House… and The Office… and 24… and, well, pretty much any smartly written show that doesn’t include a fat guy with a hot skinny wife or the words “two and a half men” in the title.


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5 Responses to “House Recap: House Training”

  1. Sus on April 25th, 2007 10:21 am

    Believe it or not, I’ve heard about people who suddenly stop being able to make decisions. I don’t know where I heard it, though. Probably another tv show. Scary, isn’t it? Especially the bra thing. That creeped me out. Now I just want to wear sports bras all the time.

  2. casualviewer on April 25th, 2007 12:55 pm

    Depressing episode. Sometimes I wish they show was just House, Wilson and Cuddy, I love every time they interact.

  3. Jake on April 26th, 2007 3:53 pm

    That was a sad episode, but as usual, very well-written. And the character development on this show continues to be great with regard to Foreman, Chase, House, Cuddy, and even Wilson. And I especially agree with you, LaLa, that Cameron is losing whatever likeability she had and is getting increasingly annoying.

  4. ChocolateDevilz on April 30th, 2007 7:25 pm


  5. chocolatelove on May 28th, 2007 1:36 am

    Ok this was such a sad episode but i disagree Cameron is werid but the good kind is cute how she like house but she should REALLY REALLY go out with CHASE his hot as!
    anyway as for house and cuddy and wilson i think cuddy should choose house. And as for foreman i dont no he will aslways be foreman:P:)