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Gilmore Girls Recap: It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

April 27, 2007 by  

Title: “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike
Original Airdate: April
GMMR Recapper: Whirl

Lorelai has decided that she wants her friendship with Luke back, so she takes the plunge and heads into the diner. Miss Patty, Babette and Kirk are all there to witness the awkward exchange between the ex-lovers. Hell they even start talking about the weather, so Lorelai tucks tail and runs with her coffee to go. Later on though her beloved Jeep breaks down out of nowhere and is broken beyond repair. This is great! Why? Because Lorelai calls Luke up and asks for his help while she car shops. He quickly accepts, which I find surprising.

Paris has gotten all her acceptance letters from the various graduate schools she’s applied to. With Doyle by her side and Rory wielding the lucky letter opener (don’t ask) we find out her fate. Sure enough she’s gotten into every school she applied to, from Harvard Law to Columbia, and this does nothing but stress her out. She figured she’d finally pick between law and medicine depending on the schools she got into, but it doesn’t look like life is going to be that easy.

Meanwhile Sookie’s kids have come down with the Chicken Pox (Been there, done that, still hate my sister for it.) so she’s sending her husband to a hotel. Lorelai insists on having Jackson stay with her. Now you would think this would be a perfect set up but Sookie does nothing but worry Jackson will interfere with Lorelai’s life because he’s messy and loud. Not to be sexist here but he is a man so isn’t that always implied? Anyway Lor and Jackson end up getting along just fine which isn’t sitting too well with Sook, so obviously there is something else going on in that family then infectious disease.

Rory calls up her Mom to complain, all her friends have all these plans after graduation and she doesn’t seem to have any of her own beyond going for the Reston fellowship. Lor reminds Rory even if she doesn’t get the fellowship, which she totally will, that she has many other places she’s applied for. Oh yeah, and Lorelai’s riding a bike to work which everyone finds astonishing but I can’t imagine it being that big of a deal.

Luke has picked up Lorelai and they are on their way to car shop. Fun! Exciting! Not really it’s just awkward conversation and even more awkward silences. God how I miss how Lorelai and Luke used to be, I miss the magic.

Rory’s heading into her apartment when Doyle storms out. Poor Doyle has just been dumped by Paris for no apparent reason and to say he’s upset is an understatement. I know this is probably just temporary but it still hurts my heart a little. Inside Paris explains that she didn’t want to base any decision making on her “college boyfriend”. Still Paris looks pretty heartbroken herself so she decides to head out for some drinks with Rory and her friends Lucy and Olivia.

At the Inn Sookie has gotten a call from her husband, and her suspicions were correct, he did ruin Lorelai’s life. Well no, he just broke her doll house and by “broke” I mean “fell onto”. Sookie rushes over to Lorelai’s and promptly starts freaking out. Jackson tries to come up with solutions but she shoots down everyone until finally Jackson has had enough. When is Sookie going to forgive him for lying to her about having a vasectomy? She admits that she wants to forgive him but she can’t help but still be mad. Hey Sookie, I love Jackson just as much as the next fan but you do sort of have a right to be mad for the next 67 years should you see fit. I got my girls back on this one. Jackson tells her he understands she’s mad at him, hell he’s mad at himself too but she has to let him back in if this is going to work. Sookie agrees with him. Focus people! Broken dollhouse!

Lorelai is looking at cars and Luke is looking…well honestly he’s looking pissed off. Lor’s being herself which means picking cars by the “feel” and none of them feel right to her. They even find an almost exact replica of her Jeep, just newer, but she still doesn’t like it. This sets Luke off on a tirade about the way Lor does things, how illogical and silly it all is and she just jokingly chides him on. I can’t help but see the “old” L & L for the first time all season; even Lorelai has a smile on her face. For once me and the Lorelai agree on something.

Lor gets home to find her best friend and husband laying it wait to drop the bad news about the dollhouse but she takes it rather well. Plus they promised to get it fixed, so no harm no foul. Lorelai is still riding the high of the “fight” she had with Luke, she’d take that over awkward silence any day and this means they’re back on track. Personally I think back on track would have you waking up beside him in the morning, but we’ll get there I’m sure.

The girls are drinking at a pub but broken hearted Paris isn’t having any fun. She already misses her man and can’t blame anyone but herself. She tried to NOT factor Doyle into her life plans but she couldn’t do it so that’s why she broke up with him. She’s worked too long, too hard and she’s just not ready for “that guy”. Rory points out that she doesn’t have to do it this way, they could commute and figure it out. Paris asks Rory if she would move to somewhere to be with Logan or take the Reston fellowship. Rory would take the fellowship but she just assumes they’d make it work. Paris points out to her best friend that sometimes making a choice really means choosing. Oh Rory…CHOOSE LOGAN!

That same night Luke’s shown up at Lorelai who is in the middle of a movie night with Jackson. Luke has found a Jeep exactly like Lor’s online. So he took it for a test drive, haggled down the price and talked to Gypsy. This way she can buy the used car, put the engine in her old car and have the car she loves forever. He points out that it’s completely impractical but whatever. Lorelai is happy, Luke is trying to pretend that he’s not happy and personally, I’m ecstatic.

At their apartment Paris informs Rory that she’ chosen her career path, she wants to be a doctor, so now all she has to do is pick the school. Suddenly Doyle’s there because he’s changed his mind. He’s not moving out and he’s not breaking up with Paris. Look at how cute Hobbit man can be. He loves Paris and he’ll follow her if need be. The reunited couple head to the other room to fight just when Rory spots a letter about the Reston fellowship. She opens it up and finds out (maybe for the first time ever) that she didn’t get what she wanted. So if you’ll excuse me I have to run because Hell has just frozen over, pigs are flying and my world has just tilted on its axis.

Tune In Next Week: Why? Logan’s going to be in it. Oh yeah and Rory freaks out about her future or something.
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3 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Recap: It’s Just Like Riding A Bike”

  1. Sus on April 27th, 2007 10:09 pm

    It’s about darn time Rory didn’t get something she wanted. But I still want to give her bony butt a hug. 😉

  2. coloradokila on April 30th, 2007 2:09 pm

    1. Choose LOGAN!!
    2. Lor must wake up next to Luke – and soon!!
    3. More Logan shirtless please!!

    Oh and, Poor Ror, the stars did not align just right. Boo Hoo.
    Now lets see what you are really made of, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. Doubt we are going to see that this week though.

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