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For the Love of TiVo…

April 30, 2007 by  


I finally made it back to the East Coast LATE Saturday night. Although I spent most of the day yesterday spending some QT with my folks I did play a little catch up on the TiVo. Here’s my two second take on what I watched this weekend and what’s in the queue for tonight.

Ugly Betty – I missed Thursday’s episode since I was on a plane. Another great Ugly Betty. I love me some Henry and Betty. Are they not the cutest? I’ve decided that I don’t like Amanda with other man – she should only be with Marc. By any chance is anyone else bored with the Alexis storyline? I’m not sure anything new ever happens? We always seem to get the (a) Alexis is tough as nails storyline followed by the (b) Alexis softens when she feels like she’s being accepted by others, and (c) someone does something to slight Alexis and she vows revenge. It’s getting a little boring. Oh, and sorry but every time I look at Rebecca Romijn, I forget that she’s a woman and not a transsexual – I’m not sure that’s what she was hoping for.

The Amazing Race – Charla & Mirna, The Beauty Queens, and Eric & Danielle are the final three teams racing for $1M?? Really? I wish someone would have told me that during episode 1 so I could have skipped this season all together. My Oswald and Danny were kicked to the curb last night. At this point I’m hoping that Charla wins…not Mirna, just Charla. Charla is out there proving something every single day – it’s quite impressive (and this coming from a cold and cynical bitch like me).

Entourage – We all know that Justin brought sexy back, but I’m hoping Entourage brings the funny back. I only watched last night’s episode once, so I can’t fairly judge it. It’s not that I didn’t like the show, but I love my Entourage really quotable (and that usually requires Lloyd). At this point, screw Ari…I think I’m the one that needs to go into therapy – I miss Ari and Vince.

Shhh…don’t tell me!

I haven’t yet watched last night’s Brothers & Sisters, so don’t spoil me ok?


One Response to “For the Love of TiVo…”

  1. Meagan on April 30th, 2007 6:10 pm

    I missed last Thursday’s Ugly Betty too, but I literally just finished watching it and came right over to GMMR. I’m sick of the Alexis story too. And Henry.. what a freaking lover! I hate this time of year and I love it. I hate it because all of the shows are about to turn into reruns, but I love it because the drama is escalating and all of the shows are getting really good.